Fire Emblem Cipher Livestream

To promote the upcoming “Fire Emblem Cipher” trading card game (TCG), Nintendo and Intelligent Systems held a livestream event today, from 14:00 to 15:00 PM (Japan time).

For those who missed it, the livestream has been archived here (Nicovideo account required). You can also find pictures from the event on Dengeki online or our forums.


The main agenda of the livestream was to build hype and explain the rules of the TCG, which releases on 25th June 2015, the same day as the latest game in the series, Fire Emblem if.

Of course, Nintendo knows many fans are excited about the new game, so they made sure to sprinkle some new details here and there.

Thanks to the guest appearance of her voice actor, Lynn-san, we can finally put a name to the blue-haired dancer girl who appears prominently in the trailers: “Aqua“.

cipher-stream-01 cipher-stream-02

In addition to this, it was confirmed that Fire Emblem if will feature DLC characters, accessible from download codes bundled with special packs of the TCG.

  • “Shadow Dragon Chapter” starter deck: Marth, Prince of Altea
  • “Awakening Chapter” starter deck: Lucina, the Swordsman who claims to be Marth
  • Booster box: Pegasus Knight Minerva (and Fire Emblem if Promo card)

cipher-stream-03 cipher-stream-04

Fire Emblem if will also be the focus of the TCG’s second expansion; ahead of its release, we’re shown four pieces of artwork of the Hoshidan and Nohrian royalty and two cards of original characters designed by the development staff.

Finally, the hosts teased the third expansion; no pictures were shown, but this one will have a mixture of characters from Fire Emblem if and Path of Radiance (the ninth game in the series, featuring Ike of Super Smash Bros. fame).

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  • Zervinio

    “Fire Emblem if will feature DLC characters, accessible from download codes bundled with special packs of the TCG.”This troubles me…does that mean that the only way to obtain these characters will be from the TCG?Or will there also be standalone dlc in the nintendo e-shop?

    • Sentinel

      I wouldn’t be surprised if they used amiibo cards internationally.

    • Michael Ingram

      Presumably NoA and NoE would just sell them for money.

  • Ayra

    The art is godly and I’m definitively interested in the game itself, but I’m hoping they’ll do a more complete rule presentation sometime. I’d like to see a complete match or rule explanation: I won’t go collecting these cards (if they were in English, maybe) but I’d be willing to play a few matches of this with the starter decks for sure!

  • Azalea Doodlepaw

    If they have a card of Stahl/Soru, I will be so happy and die in peace. :3

    • Ariana

      They do. Check out the rescent post about the card game play and click the Dengeki link to see it.

  • daraen dragmire

    I wonder if they have a card for rufure/robin(the avatar in awakening )?

  • Alberto Martínez Ruiz

    I think that maybe, we could see this game in ours country when the new FE will be release…