First Look at Shouzou Kaga’s Indie Game

Back in May, Shouzou Kaga–the creator of Fire Emblem–announced that he was developing an indie strategy RPG using the SRPG Studio software, which he would release for free once complete.


At the time, Kaga mentioned that he would post updates about his game on his blog should significant progress be made–and it seems his project is going relatively smoothly as the first update is now available.

The game itself is currently known as “Vestaria Saga: The Seven Sacred Rings“. The name, along with the logo, is very reminiscent of Kaga’s first independently-developed title, TearRing Saga.

Not just that, but the game seems to be based on one of Kaga’s earlier prototypes, “Vestaria Chronicle 687-693”, which he discussed in February. Even the world map looks the same.


According to the credits, Vestaria Chronicle was developed during 2010, 5 years after Berwick Saga. However back then, it seems Kaga didn’t have the means to implement the strategy part of the game.

As for the current game, from the available screenshots, its gameplay looks to be a mixture of Fire Emblem’s tile-based system, combined with Berwick Saga’s large and diverse maps.

Curiously, the character portraits are taken straight from TearRing Saga’s massive pool of unused characters. (One has to wonder if TearRing Saga was meant to be a much bigger title than it already is…)

At the end, Kaga remarks that he’s been enjoying the challenge of creating a game using a commercially-available software and that, if things all go to plan, he’ll release a trailer around August, possibly on NicoNico.


Although Kaga seems confident in general, he’s worried about his small team of elites becoming exhausted over the hot Summer. As such, he’s still looking for 2 or 3 followers to assist him who:

  • Love Strategy RPGs and would love to make their own.
  • Are polite and have plenty of common-sense.
  • Have lots of spare time and stamina.
  • Really want to participate in his indie game.

(Obviously, knowledge of Japanese would be a massive plus–if not a requirement.)

In addition, Kaga is apparently having trouble acquiring a character designer. From the looks of things, his ideal candidate, a certain “Miss. H” (i.e. Mayumi Hirota) hasn’t responded to his request, so he’s at a slight loss.

For his project, Kaga requires 100 character portraits drawn in a 96 x 96 pixel space; he states that he’s willing to pay for a character designer (so long as it’s not too expensive), and requests for anyone interested to contact him, ideally before Autumn.

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  • Linkmstr

    Hmm, interesting. Can’t wait to try this out once it’s released.

  • RNM714

    Yeah… I may have just tried to throw my hat into the ring. Hopefully google translate is decent.

  • Maia Kasoya

    Is Shouzou Kaga going to attend FE’s 25th Anniversary event?

    • Michael Ingram

      If he does it will only be as a member of the audience.

    • Sentinel

      Hard to really say. As far as I know, he’s had virtually no contact with the series for a really long time.

      Kind of bizarre though. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a developer distancing himself so far like this. Usually most hang on to something in a way.

  • Sabin

    Man, I really wish someone would do an interview with Kaga about the whole FE thing. I want to know if he resents Nintendo because of what happened. I also woul want know what he think of the Post FE5 games.

  • Franchezco Marice Lamont

    I really want Kaga’s clear opinion on what he thinks of FE now. I bet starting Vestaria Saga is a sign of maybe he’s sick of what IS has done, but I could be just biased. But where this goes, I’m keen. Still… you can’t replace Marth and Ike.

    • Stilzkin

      If anything, he’d be pleased with FE14

      • Franchezco Marice Lamont

        There is 0 way of telling that.

        • Thatguy

          I think it was Kaga who invented all that *Waifu Emblem and Children* with FE4:Genealogy of the holy war ?

          Also, FE14 is looking like FE Gaiden, imo, so there is that.

          • Franchezco Marice Lamont

            I don’t think FE4 can be used an example. The art styles between then and now are obvious, FE4 was Japan only so people who played Awakening as their first never heard of FE4 (Probably) realized that this was an easy waifu emblem and the game back then was no anime trope compared to Awakenings.

    • Sentinel

      I don’t think it has anything to do with FE. I think it’s just a hobby. This doesn’t feel like the whole Mighty No.9 or Bloodstained situation.

    • Delvin Pitts

      Or maybe he just wants make games again like back in the day. This guy lived in japan for years and he have seen japan grow try different things besides if social media wasn’t created you wouldn’t be complaining about fire emblem, stop acting like you’re a true fan because let me tell you something you’re not, japan had fire emblem way longer than you and yet they still love it the only reason you even know fire emblem is because you played smash brothers. P.s. If It weren’t for smash, fire emblem wouldn’t came in other words you Americans are nothing more than irrelevance.

      • Franchezco Marice Lamont

        Lol. Social media has nothing to do with this. Punctuation needs help and so do you. It’s hilarious that you think you know so much, but you’re just a self insecure, ignorant and arrogant little weeb child who failed at life. You know nothing, you’re just like any other immature person, cause I’m not ‘Americans’ and you didn’t realize that. Nor can you actually realize that FE has sold more in the west the past couple of releases or it would have died if it was Japan only. You never knew I tried to play the first FE, but impossible cause it was Japanese now could you. Stops you having the right to judge. I mean if the Americans are so irreverent than I guess Reggie will take all that money back and Nintendo will have nothing. You’re a genius Delvin. And do you know what makes me a true fan to the series? I hate FE14, but I’m going to buy it anyway ho ho ho. *Drops mic*

        • Delvin Pitts

          1: social media make up words like waifu or weebs.

          2: you could have said American not Americans.

          3: you reused the same insults for two sentences.

          4:not really, games in it’s own country can handle it’s own.

          5: there are other countries nintendo can sell their products to.

          6: here’s the fun fact you hate the game , but you haven’t played it yet, that’s not a fan that’s just a dumbass thinking.

          7: japan had the game longer than you, derpy you’re just a pretender fan like everyone else on this site, you guys are nothing more than faggot posers.

          Herpa derp duh

      • jdb1984

        Actually, IS was planning to release Fire Emblem in the West was not because of Smash. It was because of the success of Advance Wars. Marth and Ike were supposed to be removed in the Western release anyway, but NOA decided to leave them in.

  • TheIrishVaultDweller

    Does anyone know what engine is the best for making games like Fire Emblem? I’m having a bit of bother looking for one.

    • Happy_Insect

      You could hack a game, which is the most common way to create a game, but it’s kinda complex. I think there are some tutorials around the net though. There’s a program for RPG Maker XP called FEXP, but the creator of it is creating other engine for Microsoft XNA, called FEXNA, but it wasn’t realeased yet.

      • TheIrishVaultDweller

        Thanks! Does FEXP have a RPG Maker VX Ace counterpart or are they compatible? I’ll have to check out Microsoft XNA. I was wondering would Unity be a good choice but I’m not entirely sure where to start if I did use that

  • An Tran

    Definitely looking forward to his game more than Fates. Hopefully we’ll get an English translation and hopefully he’ll create his own battle and map sprites, rather than use the stock ones provided by SRPG Studio.

    • Delvin Pitts

      Oh shut up you’re not a real fan japan had fire emblem way longer then you guys, the only reason why you’re playing fire emblem games is because of smash brothers, in others words you and rest of Americans are non-important.

  • James

    Kaga is forbidden from the lips of Nintendo staff. He’s always like his isolation anyways. Since Gunpei Yokoi’s death, whom I believe was his only friend and mediator get what he wanted from Nintendo. After his death, he no longer had his way with the company, and he was under Hirosh Yamauchi, whom didn’t allow anything past him. Also I think Kaga wanted his name as a copyright, Nintendo does not let that slide. It’s a complex situation that I’ve been meaning to explain in a nice biography for these top tier people. I find it funny neither party mentions each other after he left. Even in an interview with Famitsu near the release of Tearring he kind of just acts like nothing happened.