Rumour: Fire Emblem Fates Manga Coming Fall 2015

I’m not one to report rumours often, but this one seems credible enough.


Leo sketch by Yusuke Kozaki (unrelated to the manga).

According to multiple fans who were present at the 25th Anniversary Concert, Nintendo announced a Fire Emblem Fates manga, to be serialised in Young Magazine starting this Fall (in Japan). (Source: Hachime)

If the reports are true, Yusuke Kozaki (the artist of Awakening and Fates) will be providing the illustrations, while Shin Kibayashi (the story director for Fates) is penning the story.

Update: Famitsu has added a brief report about this news. Besides what we already knew, an image of a sword-wielder overlooking a sunset was teased at the concert.

Fire Emblem is definitely no newcomer when it comes to manga, with every game up to Binding Blade receiving a manga adaptation of some form. So this news doesn’t come as a massive surprise.

(Now the key question: Will there be two… er, I mean three versions of this manga?)

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  • lcronovt

    Or maybe it will be the fourth version of the story.

  • Doctor Robert

    Maybe it’ll invent some random dragon boy character who will shove Kamui aside and take lead character… that’ll be the fourth story. XP

  • Andres Marquez

    Now this is going to be worth reading, specially since we don’t see manga very often with Yusuke-san as the artist! HIS ARTWORK IS SO COOL!

  • “Please skip to page XXX for the 3rd Path”