Upcoming Fire Emblem Soundtrack/DVD Releases

Today is the first of three days of Comiket 89, a massive Japanese anime and gaming exhibition that occurs twice every year in Japan.

Earlier this year, during Comiket Special 6, Fire Emblem made its first Comiket appearance to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the series.


Felicia at Comiket 89.

Now, due to popular demand, the Fire Emblem booth is back again, with another plethora of highly sought-after and exclusive merchandise

While Japanese fans and miracle workers frantically queue up to bag the loot, for those unable to attend Comiket (or find friends to go), there are some items you can order from the comfort of your own home.

Fire Emblem Festival DVD


Release Date Price Disks Duration
24th February 2016 5,800 Yen 1 (Region 2) 139 mins

2015 was a very exciting year for Fire Emblem, being its 25th anniversary during a peak in popularity. Thanks to this, fans were able to enjoy the 25th anniversary concert in Tokyo in July.

Of course, not everybody could afford or schedule a trip to Tokyo during that time, so here’s the next best thing: a full recording of the concert on DVD.

Within are all the epic songs played during the concert, including Renka’s performance of “Lost in Thoughts All Alone” and the fan-favourite “Fire Emblem Opera theme”.

In addition, there are many extras, such as a making of, a report on the merchandise on sale at the concert, a mini-drama, interview with the staff and two promotional videos for Cipher.

Furthermore, all first-print editions of the DVD come with the same promotional “Prince of a Ruined Nation, Marth” card from the concert, which was previously sold on auction sites for crazy money.

Fire Emblem Awakening Original Soundtrack


Release Date Price Disks Duration
24th February 2016 3,300 Yen 5 253 mins

Speaking of crazy money… it’s been years since Awakening came out, but we can’t forget the game that saved the series and apparently neither can people on eBay selling the soundtrack for hundreds of dollars.

Except, thanks to Nintendo’s wisdom, you can now order a re-print of the soundtrack for 25 USD give or take.

Besides the slightly different packaging, which is now in a square-ish box and features a “Best Collections” label to differentiate it from the original, the re-print is exactly the same as the original.

So expect the same 5 CDs containing a whopping 92 tracks from the game, a high definition version of the opening movie and a Japanese voice clip collection. Plus a 24 page booklet and a piano score for “You may call me Marth.”

Note: Both items can be pre-ordered from good import sites such as CDJapan.

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  • Ikewise

    That CD cover looks crazy out of place. Then again.. it’s awakening.

  • Franchezco Marice Lamont

    Now they’re cosplay advertising? You never did this with previous Fire Emblem games! You never did this with Eirika, Ike, Leif, Caeda and the most sexy and important of all, Marth. You know what I’m done. Forget it.

    • Aveyn Knight

      It’s all about timing. This is only the 2nd time Fire Emblem has been a Comiket and Fates is the most recent game to be released. Also, I think that’s a booth staff, not a cosplayer.

      • Michael Ingram

        Didn’t NoA have people dressed as Marth and Caeda to promote Shadow Dragon at some convention?

  • Wanuska

    And of course there will be no music from Jugdral. I may be bitching a lot about the absence of Jugdrali stuff but it is the 25th birthday of the series for naga’s sake! They should be celebrating the whole series, and not only the trendy stuff. This is disrespectful to the people who worked on FE4 and 5 like Gunpei Yokoi and Shozou Kaga, and of course a big dissapointment.

    • Michael Ingram

      The 25th Anniversary Concert had a whole movement dedicated to Fire Emblem 4.

    • Leon99

      The 25th Anniversary Concert, as Michael said, had an entire section dedicated to Judgral.

      • Wanuska

        Will this section be present in the CD?

  • OnyxKing

    Dat Felicia cosplay is… OMG SHE HAS A KNIFE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P0TzUNti3rY