Fire Emblem Fates NA Release, with Words from Azura Herself!

Yes, Fire Emblem Fates has released universally in North America! Special Edition owners are running frantically, as Best Buy’s last minute orders are falling apart and some shipments are looking to be delayed, but the games are out on shelves today! Nintendo’s Digital Downloads are available, and the Downloadable Content Pack “Before Awakening” is currently free for download. Go get it while you can!


Recently, an interview with Azura voice actress Rena Strober surfaced, highlighting some struggles the voice acting community faces and the internet has even thrown out criticism towards her talents. Our site reacted and users on our forums started up a Fan-Support thread.


Yesterday, we were graced with a new member to Serenes Forest, Ms. Rena Strober herself, who commented on the dozens of positive posters and the community as a whole with a relief-filled message of her own:

Dear AMAZING people on this thread. Sorry it took me a while to get logged in..but i finally figured it out!

Let me first say that I’ve ready every single comment and am moved beyond belief at your kindness and support.

I’ve worked on many games but mostly come from the Broadway/TV world where there aren’t as many people voicing opinions on the internet. I had no idea I was about to become part of something so big and so exciting. Anything of this magnitude is going to come with its lovers & haters. 

I’m learning quickly to disregard unwarranted criticism and focus on my work and the amazing FE fans!! I’m also doing what I love everyday..singing and bringing life to these awesome characters and feel lucky to do so. 

It’s so easy to get swept up in the drama and lose site of what’s really important…to tell the story and hope that players enjoy the journey.

I feel very lucky to have fans like you and hope you continue to enjoy my work. I loved singing for FE and I’ve got more exciting projects in the works.

Please keep in touch and I’ll do the same…and thanks again for turning a crappy day into one I’ll never forget!!!

With Deep Gratitude,


Fire Emblem has been the center of quite a bit of controversy in the gaming journalism world, but the fans out there are what drives the franchise forward and keeps it relevant. Support like this shows that the fan community is strong, and makes me proud to be part of Serenes Forests’ family.

But that’s just the game and our singular community. What about critic’s reception?

Reviewers are generally positive, with general scores hovering around a high 8/10 universally. A few outliers exist, but no major reviewer has placed any of the three Fates games below a 7/10.

What about our site and general info for the games themselves? While fans get involved by either playing the game or showing their support where they can, VincentASM is busy rebuilding the Fates section of our site. The game’s been pretty handily broken into by data miners, so expect a flood of new information (primarily Audio Files and localized naming changes and information) to be posted soon!

Show your support in our thread or right to Rena Stober at her Twitter handle!

Artwork by Serenes Forest user Crushie

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  • Ale. A. Santi

    do i need to reach certain part of the game of the free content or just down right download it?

    • Vyra Love

      You need to beat chapter 6 in order to enter in any codes or purchase DLC from within the game’s Dragon Gate.

  • Adrien Brown

    I’m glad to see Rena feels that way, the life of a voice actor certainly has its troubles… but yes finally the game has come out ~.~

  • Ayanami

    Your welcome! 😀
    It is an honor to have a word with the actress of Azura.

  • William

    GameStop preordered Special Edition won’t get to me until Monday. I had really hoped it would get to me by today, but oh well. What you gonna do?

  • Ale. A. Santi

    Ive been playing today and, being honest, i didnt expected much at the beginning, but im glad to say i was wrong, the dubbing its well done!! and Azura’s voice is just so sweet <3 ty for your hard work miss Strober!

  • An Tran

    Nice, playing the game now and the dub isn’t so bad. Better in than Awakening in fact, which was pretty good, too, for the most part. Still it would be nice to have the CHOICE to change language.
    Especially with it comes to the Avatar. The male voices I’m mostly fine with, but I’m split on the voices for the female. Mature one is perfectly fine. Middle one is okay, my only issue with it is that its a little too similar to the mature one. The young one is just…..ugh. Annoying sounding rather than young or cute sounding.

    • I’m guessing you can’t turn it off completely? ._.

  • LinkSkywalker

    Dubbing songs that were written for a different language is much harder than dubbing normal speaking. Even before considering that, I think Ms. Strober has a wonderful voice, and the dub itself is really very good. It’s awesome that she actually found the thread here! ^.^

  • ManticDeer/Fouap2

    I reached chapter 10 and was pleasantly surprised. The dubs are not bad at all! (I’m not a fan of the translated version of the song though, as much as I love Azura’s voice)

  • RiverVixen

    Well I’m glad she’s gotten to see some great comments and just not the bad!

  • AzTheSpaz

    I thought she did a very excellent job as Aqua (azura). I was suspicious at first as-well, mostly because of all the fear-mongering on /v/; however was pleasantly surprised. I think Azura’s voice was very well done. While some voices were somewhat lacking… Azura’s was not one of them.

    • Effie…..

      • lLegendsl

        When I first heard her English voice, it took a couple minutes to register because of how insanely different it is from the Japanese version. Is it bad? Not my place to say, but you do get a different impression on her character, and that’s what gets me.

  • Morgan “The Retro Goat” Hench

    I was admittedly a bit wary of how she was going to do, but that’s moreso because a song going from Japanese to English rarely sounds decent, but I was legitimately impressed.

    Nice job, Rena! Though the song has been stuck in my head for awhile now…

  • Leo Deasy

    So Fates released “universally in North America”! Universally as in the universe. Because North America is the universe. GG to Europe/Australia.

  • panther0606

    Ms. Strober, I realize this is a bit late, but thank you for using your beautiful voice for FE: Fates. I’ve really enjoyed the game so far, and the music is great! Not to mention Azuras voice really suits her, it gives her more of a real/loving appeal imo.