European Fates Release Date, Fates DLC, Fire Emblem Crossover Internation Release & More!

Finally, Europe finally gets a release date for Fire Emblem Fates!

They will include a Special Edition with a cartridge containing all three versions of the game, the offical artbook, a double-sided poster and a steel game case.EUSPEC

Europe is also getting their own Fates-styled New Nintendo 3DSXL.


The Special Edition, as well as Birthright and Conquest, will be release on May 20, 2016, with Revelation available as eShop DLC on June 9!

Next on the list; Fire Emblem Genei Ibun Roku #FE announced officially for U.S. release under the name Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE.


Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE is set to debut in the U.S. and E.U. regions on June 24, 2016. The release will be keeping Japanese voice acting, but with English subtitles.

Also, DLC for Fire Emblem Fates is out today. Museum Melee, Ghostly Gold and Royal Royale are all available for $2.49 each. They are included in Map Pack 1.

Monster Hunter Generations will also be coming with a DLC outfit styled as Marth from the many Fire Emblem games. This game is set to release in Summer 2016, and the surprise DLC will be a nice perk to fans of the game.

Last but not least, Japanese players can look forward to brand spanking new DLC for their Fire Emblem Fates, which we’ll probably get eventually in our Map Pack 2.

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  • Skorm94

    So sad it’s May 20, that’s about a week before my exams start.

  • klkAlexar

    Wow, Europe’s SE is a bit better than ours. I guess they’re trying to make up for the delay.

  • Linkmstr

    Hey, don’t forget that Japan is getting more DLC maps for Fates/If.

    • Chris Offner

      I was totally waiting for a full-on translation before throwing it up, but you got me :X. Vincent tacked it on for me though!

    • Ayanami

      Wow! 😀
      Thought that they were through with making them. But…with so many skills unused it would make sense that we’d get more of these. Now waiting for the translation of them!

      • YourSQL

        Something about an Anna map, children’s story map, Hoshido festival map, and Nohr festival map.

  • lcronovt

    Don’t forget! March 10 Revelation! Of course, of course… for NA. 😛

  • dmlover1990

    If I live in the US but want to buy the EU version of Fates, can I buy an EU 3ds and play the EU fates on it even though I’ll be playing it in the US? Or will it still region lock me? I just want to buy the game with less censorship, and this is the only other option that I can think of (except for a fan patch, but I’d rather support the game by purchasing it).

    • ManticDeer/Fouap2

      If you use an EU 3DS to play the EU version of Fates, I’m 99% sure you’ll be just fine.

      Oh, less censorship for EU? What did they keep?

      • Beny

        It is unknown what is censored in the european version.
        We have to wait until the games come out…
        At least they don´t officially say anything about censorship/localisation for europe.
        So theoretically it could be that nothing will be censored….

        • ManticDeer/Fouap2

          Oh, alright, thanks for clarifying! He said he wanted less censorship so I thought there were known differences. ^^

  • Joseph Rogers

    Anyone else who purchased Map Pack 1 seeing the problem that even after they update their Dragons Gate through the Internet, that they’re not seeing Royal Royale? If it was meant to be released post direct like they made it seem, I’m not seeing it at all.

    • Kuro

      Royal Royale isn’t supposed to release until the 17th I thought.

      • Joseph Rogers

        That’s what it says on the page too, but this article and the Fates direct itself make it out to be released already

        • Duc Hoang

          Oh no, if you brought map pack 1 then you brought it. Each map releases on a different date which mean you have to go in the start menu and redownload it. The price is just cheaper if you get the pack.

          • Joseph Rogers

            No, I meant the article and direct made it sound like the Map Royal Royale came out two days ago, when in reality in comes out in a little over a week.

  • Ayanami

    Awesome! 😀
    Europe is also getting only the Special Edition of the game to make it even better for the longer wait for this inevitable game!

    Genbu Ronku will be something to look forward to in June! More to eat our wallets to a game that is going to be subtitled!

  • Óscar Morgado

    Anyone know some store that is already announcing preorder for the special edition in europe?

  • Homer Simpson

    Is this game also censored?
    I don’t want to play a game with a diferent ending than the original.

    • Beny

      The ending wasn´t censored in the US Version?
      I think…. O_o

      • Homer Simpson

        It was altered…

        • Beny

          Then say me, what was changed? O_o

          • Homer Simpson

            Apparently they changed the ending so that there aren’t bad endings like character deaths. A

          • Genarog

            Well, from what I know the only things being censored were the “skinshipping” (aka litterally petting your units to increase support) and the Soleil controversy (where dialogues made it seem like the Avatar “cured” the gayness of a female character to date her, which was removed in the US)

            The thing about not having character deaths (or more accurately, respawn on the next turn) is just a mode you’re free to play with or without (enjoy the game as you like ^^) but it’s preset in every version, Japanese, US and EU too…

          • Genarog

            But I don’t know, I didn’t look for things about the ending, I didn’t want to spoil me the whole plot ^^’

  • wesman2232

    I’m really wanting this version as well. Where do I give them all my money?

  • Beny

    Special Edition Placeholder is up on Amazon Germany

  • Genarog

    Now the most important question… Will we Europeans have Japanese voice acting? would be really sad if not (especially since I like some seiyuus… :/)