Fire Emblem Coming to Mobile

Today, Nintendo announced two new mobile apps releasing this Fall–one of which would be based on the Fire Emblem series.


According to Nintendo of Europe, the Fire Emblem app will be designed to be more accessible compared to previous games, but still retain the key values of a strategy RPG game, with prominent gameplay.

Other than that, few details are currently known about the app. Still, with Fire Emblem achieving great sales all round and its popularity reaching new heights, this is a very interesting time to be a fan of the series!

If you have thoughts about Fire Emblem’s mobile debut, do let us know in the comments or on our forums.

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  • A bit nervous about this considering the direction the series is taking.

    I pray to Duma that he will banish the waifus.

    • Doctor Robert

      “WaifuSims #FE!!1”

      “Take your favourite #FE characters like Marth and Link and make your own waifu/husbando! Includes dirtydirty mode for the kids! Must pay to win. You will be a big fat loser if you don’t pay for this. NINTENDO! ^_^ “

      Mayhap I take the divine Sword of Seals and melt the brainz of whatever clown thought this up?

      • Gods.

        I permit the prompt enactment of the collection and employment of the sacred weapons, holy weapons, divine weapons, regalia weapons and everything else you can think of.

        • Doctor Robert

          *WEEEE!* I get Forblaze!! 😀

      • The Foxicle

        I’d just like to say that Seisen no Keifu was probably one of the best Fire Emblem games ever, period. The marriage-and-children mechanic was a part of this series long before the GBA games. Back when the series was REALLY hardcore. And before you say that’s not waifu sim because there’s no avatar… The avatar is a single character. The majority of characters you’re marrying are still canon-on-canon relationships.

        • Doctor Robert

          I don’t really see FE4 as a waifu sim, though. The parent/children mechanic was a part of the story and it worked. What I’m satirizing is the notion that the series is moving away from good story (more or less) and more towards matchmaking that doesn’t have any purpose outside of waifu/husbando. As smart phones tend toward popular entertainment and the type of person who “just doesn’t have time to get involved in anything so instead I play Bubbles 23,” I predict that the FE app is going to appeal to a lower common denominator and the most logical manifestation of that is the waifu/husbando sort of stuff.

          Now, I could be entirely wrong (HOPE!! I HOPE I’m entirely wrong!!! DX ) but the opportunity was simply too grand for me not to make fun of. And I had to make fun of the peripheral corporate types who just don’t get Fire Emblem.

    • The Foxicle

      It’s not wise to joke about such things.

  • Paulhorne Schillings

    About damn time. Shadow Dragon/New Mystery’s touch control scheme was MADE for mobile platforms. Bunch that up with the GBA engine’s “instant save” option and you instantly have a mobile-intuitive Fire Emblem mobile game.

    I’ve been waiting for this for years.

  • Robert

    Hopefully this doesn’t end up being pay to win and failing before we ever see a release outside of Japan like the Disgaea mobile game.

  • Wat.

  • Zeroace

    Well, it’s official, Fire Emblem didn’t forget its roots, it set them on fire and is shitting all over the burned corpse, now it’s just waifus and shit plots

    • An Tran

      All for that sweet, sweet cash.

      • The Foxicle

        You mean the stuff they use to make their games? Don’t they… need that to make more games?

        • An Tran

          Of course, they also make money on the older games as well, just not in the massive amounts that they so desire (and probably need nowadays due to Wii U’s failure, even though they have so much money in the bank) these days.

    • The Foxicle

      I’m pretty sure we don’t know there’ll be “waifus” in this theoretical mobile game. I’d also like to note a couple of things. First, Fates was more emotionally moving than anything I saw in FE7. Second, Fire Emblem was dying. Perhaps it didn’t deserve to, but it was dying. This change of direction made it appealing to a much broader number of people (especially in Japan, where “waifu” culture is practically much intertwined with gamer culture) and saved the franchise. So it’s not such a bad thing, is it?

      • Zeroace

        Fates was a commercial sucsess because they actually marketed it, that’s what almost killed Fire Emblem, bad word of mouth because you had to actually try to beat the game when today’s generation is used to having victory handed to them, and because it doesn’t matter how good your game is, you can’t just silently put it on store shelves and expect sales to come

  • An Tran

    It was inevitable, considering the way the series has been going lately.

    EDIT: “the Fire Emblem app will be designed to be more accessible compared to previous games”
    How? What else can they possibly remove to make the game any more accessible? Oh right, the weapons triangle. They can remove that and remove weapon tiers like steel or silver so that characters and the convoy item lists will just consist of “Sword, Sword, Sword, Sword, Lance, Lance, Lance, Axe, Axe, Axe, Axe, Axe, Bow, Book, Potion, Potion, etc.”. They remove durability with Fates and added funky effects, they can just remove the weapons triangle and add even more funky effects.

    • Nicolas Thresh

      >”Sword, Sword, Sword, Sword, Lance, Lance, Lance, Axe, Axe, Axe, Axe, Axe, Bow, Book, Potion, Potion, etc.”

      You mean like how it was before? The Fates weapon system is actually one of the new parts that worked IMO. It made me actually consider which weapon I wanted to use instead of just going with the most cost effective Iron or Steel weapon, and never using a legendary until the last like 2 missions. I feel like some people cling to durability too much for nostalgias sake. If it was implemented better than I can see the argument for it, but it was usually more annoyingly restrictive than anything challenging or deep

      • An Tran

        No, it was never anything like that.
        Fate’s weapon system helped to make the game rather boring. I never felt like I needed to change weapons most of the time and I never really bothered to unless accuracy was too low.
        And if I had to describe Fate’s weapon system like the above quote, it’d be more like: “Sword, Trash, Trash, Trash, Lance, Trash, Trash, Axe, Trash, Trash, Trash, Probably Useful Axe, Bow, Book, Potion, Potion, etc.”
        Some people might “cling” to durability for nostalgia’s sake but many people also like durability because it adds to the gameplay.

        • Nicolas Thresh

          I’m genuinely curious as to what you thought it added to the gameplay. In my experience it just usually meant I could rarely use a low use item until the last like 2 maps in case I needed them. I don’t feel like it allowed you more dynamic solutions or strategies but rather just a sense that using anything other than Iron or Steel for your battles was cost ineffective.

          I do think durability would work if implemented correctly though. Like I think FE4’s system was a solid foundation for a durabilty system, where you can reforge broken weapons in castles. But I would keep the variety of effects from Fates though, since I fealt that really added more decisions to which weapon you choose.

          • Xander Gillam

            I do feel if Durability was to make a return, I am hoping for a Berwick Saga like system where every time you use a weapon, it increases in the chance of breakage in different tiers. So a weapon in the yellow condition has an 4-8% of breaking and a weapon in the darker red has a 50% chance of breaking. Add that with you getting a blacksmith at a certain point of the game to restore weapons, I think it would be an amazing system to use.

            Certain weapons have differing tiers for breakage and maintenance. One could pay to repair their weapons post-chapters or use a Hammerne staff or wetting stone to restore uses in battles.

  • Sentinel

    If it’s releasing this year, I doubt it’s a very big game. Maybe something based on Cipher or something.

  • James

    Im hoping that Kaga is releasing his for android.

    • An Tran

      I’m just hoping his game will get a translation patch quickly.

      • James

        That’s the least likely event to happen. I’m learning japanese now and even my instructor has difficulty reading his material. And she reads many japanese authors.

  • TheTruthOfPerfection

    More accessible =/= mobile games. If anything, it makes it LESS accessible. I for one, would not be able to play this, should we ever get it, as I don’t have a phone capable of playing games, and I don’t really want one. Releasing a mobile game for the series will only limit the number of people who will get to play the game, and create a gap in time between consoles releases, both of which will make some people forget about, or lose interest in the series.

    Rest In Pieces Nintendo.

    • The Foxicle

      > More accessible =/= mobile games.

      Perhaps you’re right. I’m actually in the same boat. I do have an iPad, but it’s outdated. In Japan, however, mobile games are a HUGE deal. There are many mobile games with a bigger player base than some of our biggest MMOs here in the English-speaking world. This move was probably more directed at the Japanese audience than anyone. We’re just getting it because Awakening and Fates sold really well. That’d be my guess.

      • An Tran

        The majority of Android games (and I assume its similar for iOS), even newer ones almost always have an automatic low setting so it shouldn’t be a problem having enough players out there who can play the game.

    • Sentinel

      You have to consider where they are though. They’re a Japanese company, and mobile gaming has basically taken over there.

      Besides, you don’t know how many people from Intelligent Systems are working on this. I don’t see this inhibiting future console/handheld games.

    • An Tran

      There are millions upon MILLIONS of people who have smart devices that are capable of playing games, much much more than the amount of 3DS owners out there, so this actually WILL make the series more accessible to a hell of a lot more people. Especially if Nintendo and DeNa make sure to develop it like most other mobile devs and have the game runnable on devices at least 4 years back.

      • Jyosua

        This. The userbase of smartphones absolutely many times that of handhelds. That is the primary reason Nintendo’s shareholders have been pushing them to bring their IP to smartphones for a number of years, now.

  • chris123sm

    Not too surprising really due to how popular the series has become. Don’t know what to expect from a mobile FE game, but as long as it’s enjoyable it should be fine.

  • Pelorus Lancer

    Hm, interesting. I’ll try it out at some point if it’s made for Android~ That being said, do wish it would go back to some of the older roots, even if I do enjoy the new games too.

  • Stolen Goods

    “Prominent gameplay.”

    Well I’d sure hope so.

  • Francisco Javier

    i’m honestly okay with this. my main worry will be the micro transaction. But other than that, let it happen. It’s not like its gonna kill the franchise

  • Jyosua

    For those saying “Oh mobile games are big in Japan”:

    Location has nothing to do with it. Mobile gaming beats the pants off handheld and console gaming, even in America. There are over 120 million mobile game players in the US alone. As an example, compare that to the approximate 36 million PS4s sold /globally/. You could even extrapolate and say that each gamer purchases one of each console at best (which is not true, as many purchase multiple and households often share consoles), and the number of the primary 3 consoles sold (and therefore potential game sales) wouldn’t even breach 100 million globally. There are plenty of references for this across the internet. Do some research.

    Mobile gaming is very, VERY profitable, not just because of microtransactions and gimmicks, but because the number of smartphone users so heftily outweigh the number of consoles and games to sell. Smartphones are seen as a necessity by a great number of people, which means you can directly market your mobile game to those people without needing them to buy specific hardware. This is in addition to the general mobile game design, which is designed to make short brief periods of play as optimal as possible, thereby maximizing the amount of play time for each player and the perceived value (enjoyment) the players get out of them. Additionally, there are so many more people that play mobile games and never touch any other form of video game, that it would be stupid to ignore the market.

    Nintendo has great IP and shareholders that have been pushing them to take this very profitable IP into a more accessible domain. However, Nintendo’s standards of quality are quite high for new game ventures and platforms, so there’s a very good chance they will scrutinize this game thoroughly before releasing it. It would be wise to wait and see what they are planning to do before panicking saying “they’re ruining the series omg”. Keep in mind that Fire Emblem was, without a doubt, on the brink of dying before Awakening. That has since turned around and Fates has proven to them that FE is a top IP for them. They are trying to keep it popular and profitable through whatever means possible.