Rumour: Fire Emblem Mobile Map Found in Miitomo Datamine

Originally planned for release by the end of 2016, Fire Emblem Mobile (along with Animal Crossing Mobile) was delayed to “some time before 31st March 2017”, to make space for Nintendo’s other big mobile project, Super Mario Run.


However it seems Nintendo is secretly preparing for its launch, with the introduction of the new official Fire Emblem Facebook page for European markets, plus this cool map discovered by Ehm2k from The Cutting Room Floor.

In truth, we don’t actually know if it’s related to Fire Emblem Mobile, as it was found during a recent datamine of Miitomo, Nintendo’s first mobile app, of all places. Although, in addition to the map, the following image was also found:


The emblem in this image is definitely the same as the one in Fire Emblem Mobile’s logo. Combined with the familiar art style, the chances of the map being from Fire Emblem Mobile as well are incredibly high.

As for what these images are doing in Miitomo, perhaps a Fire Emblem Mobile collaboration is in the works. After all, it would make sense for Nintendo to try and promote its other mobile offerings.

(More images can be found here.)

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  • Mattey

    3 continents and 3 symbols. I wonder if this’ll play off of Fates’ concept and you get to choose which nation you get to fight for.

    • キロ

      Ah… now I imagine it will be like Pokemon Go, and two teams get all the love and that one team I joined will be left behind. xD

      • Jason Mendez

        But hey, if each side has their own select waifu it will be waifu wars: mobile. These teams will probably be more evenly spread out.

        • キロ

          This is (unfortunately) true too. xD

    • Ember Hermin

      They’re all the same symbol though . . .

      • Mattey

        That’s true, but it could just be like a symbol that represent the world as a whole though.

  • Ember Hermin

    All I want from this is being able choose between multiple skin colors if there’s an avatar (which I think there will be)

  • Sentinel

    If it’s going to play like a typical FE game in any capacity, I wonder if it’ll look more like the style of the GBA/DS games, since a game with Awakening/Fate’s level of models and such would probably kill battery life on a phone.