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Cipher S8 Weekly Recap: First Daily Reveals & Livestream Info

After a rather long break in Fire Emblem Cipher news, we’ve now finally started to see daily reveals for Series 8 pop up on the @FECipher Twitter account. This week’s first reveal was the unpromoted versions of our two headliner lords: Chrom from Awakening and Seliph from Genealogy of the Holy War.

The next reveal was rather unique: three variant cards featuring different types of Risen. Each card has a different weapon and class, with the Mercenary Risen wielding a sword, Fighter Risen with an axe, and Soldier Risen with a lance. However, the text on each card is the same and they function the same in game.

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Heroes: 1st Grand Hero Battle Coming 2/10!

As announced on both @FE_Heroes_JP and the in-game Fire Emblem Heroes notifications screen, a new event will be starting this Friday!

The Grand Hero Battle starts on February 10th and runs through the 14th. As shown in the silhouette, we will likely be able to recruit Narcian from Binding Blade during this event.

The Japanese Tweet states that he will have a 3★ rating, so this will be the first chance you have to gain a 3★ hero without paying orbs.

Update: As suspected, the character obtained from the first Grand Hero Battle is indeed Narcian.

Compared to regular Hero Battles, Grand Hero Battles are extremely challenging. The Normal map (which awards 2★ Narcian) has a recommended Level of 25, while the Hard variant (which awards 3★ Narcian) suggests 35.

Like other Hero Battles, if any of your allies fall, you will get a Game Over. On top of this, you cannot continue a failed battle by using a Light’s Blessing or an Orb.

Heroes: Global Retweet Event for 10,000 Hero Feathers

Fire Emblem Heroes hasn’t even been out for a week, but special events and giveaways are continuing to pour in. The most recent is a Global Retweet Event hosted by the @FE_Heroes_JP Twitter account and the official Twitter pages for Nintendo of America and Nintendo of Europe.

If at least 10,000 people retweet the official tweets made by these accounts before the end of the day, 10,000 Hero Feathers will be given out to all Heroes players. Help the cause by retweeting the following linked tweets from NoA, NoE, or @FE_Heroes_JP.

Hero Feathers are a difficult to obtain item in Heroes that are used for upgrading the ★ rarity of heroes within the game. You need a whopping 20,000 Feathers to upgrade a 4★ hero into a 5★ hero, so 10,000 feathers is a huge boost to all players!

As of the time of this post, the Retweet Event has been a resounding success with over 64,000 retweets from the official Japanese twitter account, over 27,000 for NoA, and over 4,000 for NoE. Further information about Feather distribution will likely be shared after the event has run to conclusion.

Cipher Series 8 Introduction & Pre-Orders

Having just stepped into the new year, it’s difficult to know what 2017 will bring to the Fire Emblem landscape. That said, we can count on Fire Emblem Cipher to keep us amazed throughout the year, starting with the upcoming release of Series 8. So let’s take a look at what we know about the set so far…


Series 8, titled “Life and Death: Crossroads of Fates”, was first announced during the summer livestream and is scheduled for release on March 17th, 2017. It will feature characters from the 2nd Generation of Genealogy of the Holy War and will see our first return to Fire Emblem Awakening since S4 earlier this year.

Although the official site has not yet been updated for the coming set, we’ve already learned some information from various livestreams and other information sources over the last few months.

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