Battle History


  • In Lyn’s story the character in the Battle History is always Lyn
  • In Eliwood or Hector’s story the character will be the one who you used the Afa’s Drops on
  • The default character is Merlinus for Eliwood or Hector’s story
Character S / A B / C D / E
Eliwood Superb! That must be the best record around. That’s quite good. A fine show of teamwork. I guess that’s one way to fight.
Hector Fantastic! What an unbelievable record! That’s not bad. No complaints, surely. What? Come on, I’m doing my best here…
Lyn Amazing! What more can I say? Well done. I’m glad we did our best. Well… Hmm… We’ll do better next time.
Marcus Perfect! I’ve no critcism whatsoever! Well done. You’re quite a tactican! I believe you can do better than this.
Lowen Great! I’m filled with admiration! Well done! My respect for you grows stronger! This is just a start! Do your best next time!
Rebecca Th-That’s incredible! I’m so envious. I guess it’s OK. That’s what I think. I guess a country girl like me isn’t helping…
Dorcas You’re very good. …Impressive. …Not bad. …That’s not good.
Bartre Whoa! You’re a tough one! You’re doing pretty decent job! You’d do well to give me more chances!
Oswin Please lend your ingenuity to Ostia! Impressive. Very impressive. You must focus on what is necessary to win.
Matthew A superb tactician! I stand in awe! Your tactical skills have won me over. Uh-oh. Are you not feeling well?
Serra Fantastic! You’re my favorite tactician! Hey! You’re pretty good. …I hope you’ll try harder next time.
Guy I’m going to learn from you and be the best! Does this mean we’re getting better? We’re just starting out! C’mon! We can do it!
Erk Nicely done. Perhaps one day, I’ll do as well. That was well led. I learned much. My magic has not yet matured…
Priscilla You are the greatest of tacticians. Truly. You are a superb tactician, you know. I need to try to do better myself, don’t I?
Kent Fantastic commands! Well done! T’was a decent battle. …Due to your strength. My apologies. We were weak.
Sain Oh! That was incredible! Really…well done! Hey! That’s not bad! You’re rather good! Next time, you should rely on my lance!
Florina We are truly fortunate… to have you with us… Ah…that looks good. You did well out there. Oh! Ah, I bet we can do better together…
Wil You did it! The best marks ever! These… These are good marks, aren’t they? Everyone has bad days. We can do better!
Raven …Well done. I want your strength. Tactician, you are better than I’d thought. Useless…
Lucius Saint Elimine, thank you for this miracle. This seems acceptable, does it not? I’m sorry. I lacked faith. I hold the blame.
Canas Mm… This is the best outcome, is it not? I see. No better than average, are you? You seem to lack even basic skills.
Dart Hey, you’re just amazing! Hm… Well, it’s better than I’d thought. Deal with it! We’ll run wild over them next time!
Fiora If we had someone of your skill in Ilia… A good strategy. It reflects well on you. Continue… Duty calls.
Legault What a surprise. Are you a genius? You tacticians are handy to have around! Do better? It’s easy enough to say, but…
Heath Battle genius… You’re some kind of genius. These results document your achievements. Am I still not making the best use of my lance?
Isadora Well done, tactician… I am impressed. Excellent leadership. I learned much. Is this the extent of Pherae’s strength?
Rath Thank you for aiding Lyn with your guidance. Now I see it. This is the strength of tactics. This, too, comes at the guidance of the land.
Hawkeye …Well done. …Middling is the word I would choose. ……
Wallace You are the greatest tactician of this age! Nicely done. I’m proud! We’ve both got some work to do!
Geitz Fighting doesn’t get any better than this! Hm… It’s better than I expected, isn’t it? Say, is there…anything more I can be doing?
Pent You must return with me to Etruria, my friend! Nicely done. You’ve some measure of skill. Perhaps this can serve as a lesson to us.
Louise Oh, that is wonderful! Good results! Well, good enough for me! Is there something wrong?
Harken Excellent! Continue to serve Lord Eliwood well! Eliwood was right to place his trust in you. Make better use of me! You won’t regret it!
Karel Hmph. I fear you may be my next opponent. …Not bad. ……Hmph. Could it be? Is my blade…not worthy?
Nino Wow! Terrific! The best score! Good marks, aren’t they? Yes, indeed. I’m holding you back, aren’t I?
Jaffar …Good, or so I here. * …Average at best… ……
Farina Yippee! That’s too good! You’re a genius!! Wow! These are good results, aren’t they? Oh, my… I’d do better with a bonus, but…
Karla …Admirable. So, you do have some worth. Hm. You’ve improved, haven’t you? …You’re not ready.
Vaida You did great! I think I’ll claim you as my own! That’s not too bad. It’s thanks to me, yes? What’s this? I told you to use me!
Renault Your battle sense is beyond belief! You have superior battle abilities, don’t you? Perhaps you could find happiness off the field?
Merlinus Oh! I weep such tears of gratitude and joy! Oh, well done! I am impressed! Better you should join me in my shop, yes?
Ninian None could stand before you, dragon or human! That was good. Your skill shows through. If only I’d given you but one more dance.
Nils Fantastic! You must be a genius! That’s a good score! Everyone did well! My flute must be out of tune, I guess.
Athos Your superior intellect guides you well. You have the makings of a superior tactician! This, too, is the history of a single battle.

* In-game error