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Nintendo’s Fire Emblem Direct Coverage: Details and Reveals

It finally happened, folks! We got our own 20+ minute Nintendo Direct geared specifically towards Fire Emblem! If you didn’t get the chance to see it, check it out here.


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Upcoming Fire Emblem Direct Topics

Earlier today, Nintendo posted several URLs for their Fire Emblem Direct coverage, which can be found here (English) and here (Japanese). They were kind enough to leave us with some details that we can decipher from their direct, including guaranteed coverage of more than one Fire Emblem title.


A neat little spoiler shared by Nintendo’s twitter let us know that we can definitely anticipate coverage of the Fire Emblem Mobile release, set to come out rather soon (within the next few months).


By the way, you may have seen some websites report about a rumoured Nintendo Switch port of Fire Emblem Fates Revelation, based on a line of source code found on the official Nintendo website.

However we have every reason to believe this line of code is merely an error, since the section of the page it corresponds to is for the 3DS version of Revelation. In addition, a similar error can be found on pages for other Switch games.

Regardless, the Direct still happens tomorrow at 5pm EST, so get hyped!

Nintendo Announcing “Fire Emblem Nintendo Direct”, Next Week!

Not even an hour ago, Nintendo of America tweeted the following, that a Nintendo Direct geared specifically for Fire Emblem, is coming next week.


January 18, at 5p EST, you can catch the event at Nintendo’s Switch site.

In 5 days, we can look forward to discussion covering the rarely discussed Fire Emblem Mobile, and potentially more details on Nintendo Switch’s plans to handle Fire Emblem, including their announced Fire Emblem Warriors, due to release in the Holiday season of 2017. We may even hear about the Corrin amiibo, announced many months ago, for Super Smash Bros. Fan speculation is through the roof…are you excited yet?!

Nintendo Switch Releasing Fire Emblem Warriors

Well folks, the rumors were true. Koei Tecmo, with the help of Omega Force and Team NINJA, has officially released a trailer, shown during today’s Nintendo Switch Event, advertising the upcoming release of Fire Emblem Warriors.






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