Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
Character recruitment

Credits: Pegasus Knight, ChinaFE, FESS

Name Class Ch Recruit
Ike Ranger P From the start
Titania Paladin 1 From the start
Oscar Lance Knight 1 From the start
Boyd Fighter 1 From the start
Rhys Priest 2 From the start
Shinon Sniper 3 From the start
Gatrie Knight 3 From the start
Soren Mage 4 From the start
Mia Myrmidon 7 NPC, talk with Ike
Ilyana Mage 8 Enemy, talk with Ike
Mist Cleric 9 From the start
Rolf Archer 9 From the start
Marcia Pegasus Knight 9 NPC, talk with Ike (must have made Ike talk to her in Ch 3)
Lethe Beast tribe (Cat)
10 Lethe must have survived Ch 9
Mordecai Beast tribe (Tiger)
10 Mordecai must have survived Ch 9
Volke Thief 10 Hire from the start
Kieran Axe Knight 11 If the prison door was opened and he survived Ch 10 *
Brom Knight 11 If the prison door was opened and he survived Ch 10 *
Nephenee Soldier 11 If the prison door was opened and she survived Ch 10 *
Zihark Myrmidon 11 Enemy, talk with Lethe or Mordecai
Sothe Thief 12 Read one of the Info conversations
Jill Wyvern Rider 12 NPC, talk with Ike
Astrid Bow Knight 13 NPC, talk with Ike
Gatrie (Again) - 13 NPC, talk with Astrid
Makalov Sword Knight 14 Enemy, talk with Marcia
Tormod Mage 15 Joins after completing chapter
Muarim Beast tribe (Tiger)
15 Joins after completing chapter
Stefan Swordmaster 15 Make Lethe or Mordecai step on the Vague Katti space
Devdan Halberdier 16 Enemy, talk with Soren, Mist, Rolf, Sothe or Tormod
Tanith Falcon Knight 18 From the start
Reyson Bird tribe (Heron)
18 Accept his request during the start of the chapter
Janaff Bird tribe (Hawk)
18 Comes with Reyson
Ulki Bird tribe (Hawk)
18 Comes with Reyson
Shinon (Again) Sniper 19 Enemy, talk with Rolf during Ch 18 and defeat with Ike
Calill Sage 20 Read one of the Info conversations
Tauroneo General 21 Enemy, talk with Ike
Haar Wyvern Lord 23 Enemy, talk with Jill
Ranulf Beast tribe (Cat)
23 From the start
Bastian Sage 24 From Turn 2
Lucia Swordmaster 24 From Turn 2
Geoffrey Paladin 25 He must have survived Ch 24
Largo Berserker 25 Read one of the Info conversations (need to have Calill)
Elincia Princess Crimea 26 From the start
Nasir Dragon tribe (White)
28 Nasir joins if the Black Knight was defeated. Otherwise Ena joins instead.
Ena Dragon tribe (Red)
Tibarn Bird tribe (Hawk)
F You can choose one of the three, near the beginning of the chapter (Easy/Normal mode) or during the beginning of the 2nd part of the chapter (Hard Mode)
Naesala Bird tribe (Raven)
Giffca Beast tribe (Lion)

* In Maniac mode (Japanese version only), you also need to make Kieran, Brom and Nephenee escape the map as well.

Trial Map characters

Notes: When unlocked, Oliver, Shiharam and Ashnard come with their Normal mode stats and equipment, while Petrine and Bryce join with their Hard mode stats and equipment.



Clear the game* 3 times
Wyvern Lord
Clear the game* 5 times
Clear the game* 7 times
Clear the game* 10 times
King Daein
Clear the game* 15 times

* From beginning to end

(Last updated: 16th December 2012)