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Rate the Unit, Day 23: Lilina

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#1 Integrity


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Posted 26 March 2012 - 05:53 AM

Dat Rules
- Ratings are assumed to be on Hard Mode.
- Votes need some explanation regarding their gameplay performance to be counted. If somebody else said what you want to already, quote them explicitly.
+/- ≤1 point extra regarding personality/appearance is encouraged, but no more. If you exercise your bias privileges, please do so explicitly.
- Numerical votes out of 10, or something proportional to it. Make it easy to calculate for my sake.
- Every ranking phase ends whenever I get out of bed, between 0700 and 0800 EST. Do the math for your timezone, Brits.
- I will insist you do not use the "Not X" reason on any character, where X is another unit. If you do, your vote will be thrown out.
- Characters should be rated for their performance on all possible routes (A/B / Sacae/Ilia) but should not be penalized for routes they physically cannot exist on (z.B Juno in Sacae).
- "Recruits X" or "takes you to X chapter" arguments are explicitly banned. C'mon, people, this shouldn't need to be a rule. That's not gameplay performance.
- I withhold the privilege to tell you your rating is bogus and demand you revise it if it breaks any of the above. I will not throw out votes anonymously, you will be informed and given a chance to revise.

Bors: 1.14
Wolt: 2.16
Ward: 2.61
Dorothy: 3.17
Merlinus: 3.53
Roy: 3.54
Treck: 4.66
Lot: 5.40
Sue: 5.64
Ellen: 5.73
Lugh: 5.98
Noah: 6.13
Chad: 6.42
Astohl: 7.17
Saul: 7.18
Zealot: 7.56
Clarine: 7.78
Dieck: 7.94
Thany: 8.01
Alan: 8.52
Lance: 8.59
Marcus: 8.77
Rutger: 9.61

isn't that hat so cute

#2 Skurge


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Posted 26 March 2012 - 06:01 AM

-Frail and slow.
-Guiding ring competition
-but is Hectors kid
-But is mos' def not Lyns/Florina/Farina/Serras kidn due to shit speeed.
-Being Cute isn't everything.

Well, if her spd catches up, she might be useful.
Otherwise, her only uses are chip, roy support, and 10/1 Healing/Bolting.
Passable in Illia, gets murdered in Sacae.

#3 Frosty


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Posted 26 March 2012 - 06:08 AM

Sure.... She may be frail and slow and joins at a bad situation; but she's an ANIMABOMB!

She also can be a useful Healbot; thanks to her skyrocketing MAG stat; so... wheeee~! Although she'll be stuck on Heals or Mends.

Shack up a Roy and Gonzales support on her; and enjoy the show guys~!

If her Speed catches up; celebrate; if it doesn't... CRY!


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#4 Levant Mir Celestia

Levant Mir Celestia

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Posted 26 March 2012 - 06:21 AM

4/10. Speed can be a pain, but she has that Roy support as well as an instant C rank (fwiw, I have a bit of lingering doubts about Lugh's ability to get to C before she joins). As an aside, she has a ton of supports. Too bad most of them are either mediocre or completely suck (to put it into perspective, Roy's about the only one I can see as worth supporting).

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#5 whase



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Posted 26 March 2012 - 06:22 AM

okay, I'm gonna need to write a long explanation of my rating for her. I know many wouldn't think she'd be worth this high, but I have my reasons.

I'm rating her based on her performance in my style of playing. I use 4, maybe 5, units in total per PT. this way my units really need to be overpowered past midgame to be able to handle everything thrown at them.

joining time; she joins relatively early, this helps a lot, since every unit is about 20% of my team (I don't count healers and thieves as "in my team").
range; when being attacked by tons of enemies, it's useful to have the ability to counter everyone, this reduces the chances of an enemy hitting her eventually. solid 1-2 range is awesome, this is one of my main reasons for a high rating.
promotion; becoming a sage means staff usage. In Lillina's case her huge mag means fully healing everyone with a healing staff. I don't like any other staffs, so why want a higher staff rank?
enemies; the need for one-rounding is high, but with high stats on overpowered units, it's usually no problem. her speed will most of the time be good enough to double, only a few bosses/SM's might cause trouble. her huge magic stat takes care of the rest. whereas Lugh for instance, has problems dealing with higher res enemies.
constitution; yes, her con is low. but with that mag, do you need anything other than a fire tome?

she's not perfect, I know that. she starts a little slow, but the beginning will be over within 2 or 3 chapters. after that just keep your stock up on fire tomes and watch her Rofl through the game.


#6 Baldrick



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Posted 26 March 2012 - 06:25 AM

I always thought it was a hairband...

She badly needs some speed. Durability is also a concern, but the fact is, she simply can't double enough to clear mooks effectively. However, she hits like a ton of bricks, on res no less, and has several viable support options that give her extra crit, so she has potential as a bosskiller. Just keep her bodyguards near.

As an aside, she's basically a Lord, she's on the boxart, but the plot basically forgets she exists. Is a personal killer brave tome too much to ask, IS?

6/10, which actually looks somewhat reasonable now.

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#7 Elieson


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Posted 26 March 2012 - 06:40 AM

A minilord Growth Unit that comes at a troubling point in the game for training.


#8 Scarlet


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Posted 26 March 2012 - 06:54 AM

My Lilina capped Mov, best unit in the game, 1337/10

Well, she's frail and her Spd is troublesome. However, she has completely ridiculous damage output and a very fast Roy support. If her Spd turns out well, she's a pretty fearsome combat unit, what with her awesome Mag stat and (in that case) very decent Avd against the completely terrible enemy Hit rates.
If her Spd doesn't turn out very well, she doesn't ORKO, but she's still usable for strong chip.
If all else fails, a speedwing can help fix her Spd. Her promotion is also a great help in that regard.

She's often overrated and she's difficult to use in the beginning because she comes underleveled, but once she's out of her hole, she's not all that bad.

4.5 points. +1 bias because she's adorable.
-> 5.5/10

#9 tiff



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Posted 26 March 2012 - 06:57 AM

If she can get doubling her offense is ridiculous, but her speed is pretty non-cooperative on that point. She has bad bases and doesn't join at an ideal time for raising growth units outside Fir. On the plus side she has easily obtainable support with Roy and Anima tends to have fairly high hit which mitigates her skill issues some (especially since Fire goes a long way with her Mag). She's slow to start but she'll be a glass cannon if she can get the speed to double (probably not possible without substantial favoritism).

+1 for bias so 4/10

Edit: docked her a point because I'm still probably too swayed by good experiences with the girl. She has 20.3 Spd on average at her highest possible level, and without putting too much thought into her likely level gains it's pretty safe to say she won't be getting near that in anything close to resembling efficient play. Her speed isn't just non-cooperative, she'll struggle double all but the slowest of enemies.

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#10 Thor Odinson

Thor Odinson

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Posted 26 March 2012 - 07:18 AM

Level 1 in chapter 8 really with /those/ bases
Also can't double for shit
That mag is pretty delicious, though, shame she'll never have a staff rank above D /at best/.
Anima at least helps with her craptastic skill.
Can support Roy superfast which is nice but Roysucks and is in somebody's saddlebags most of the time so

Overall pretty shitty unit 3/10 not the worst though

But I use her anyway because she gets spd-blessed a lot and I hate Lugh for never gaining stats on any Lumirun ever so Lilina gets bias for cooperation

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#11 Smiley Jim

Smiley Jim

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Posted 26 March 2012 - 07:34 AM

I don't know about you guys, but I found Lilina to be better than Lugh. Sure, Lugh is faster, but it still takes a while for Lugh to double, and his magic isn't stellar. Now, I know she isn't THAT good, but her huge magic means that, after some training, she can do enough damage with one hit that anyone else who isn't a scrub can finish it off with minimal risk. As for her speed, it is bad at first and... doesn't get that much better. But then again, it's either low speed or poor magic, and I'd rather use a unit with low spd/high atk than a unit with low mag/average spd. Not that I've had a speed screwed Lilina, but YKWIM. Also, that fast support with Roy can go a long way towards getting the atk she(and he) needs to kill something.

Also, she's cute as a button :wub: :wub:

6(+1 Bias for stuff like being literally my strongest unit in c14 makes it a 7)

#12 Sasori



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Posted 26 March 2012 - 08:45 AM

4.5 with a 0.5 bias points for being a mage.

Lilina comes underleveled and even Lugh had better bases then her. Her magic growth is awesome and she targets resistance so she will be a powehouse when leveled. Still aside from her magic she just doesn't have a whole lot going for her.

She's by no means terrible, but she's just not worth the effort.

#13 TheCosmicDude


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Posted 26 March 2012 - 08:55 AM

Lilina has done well for me before, but she's far from perfect. I guess her Skill isn't an enormous problem since she's a mage, but it's still pretty annoying, and if her Speed doesn't catch up enough for her to double with some sense of reliability midway through her levels, stick a fork in her, she's done.

The thing is, she is a monster when it comes to Magic, and her high cap could practically be called the game setting low expectations for her. She's a foot unit, but basically, get some levels on her (a process that requires some babying, but not a huge amount from my experience) and she's a nuke you can drop whenever you want if she has a tome. Too bad there's not usually an immediate follow-up, and sometimes the nuke will careen off into the jungle. BUT YOU GOTTA BREAK A FEW EGGS TO MAKE AN OMELET BOI

4.5/10 + 1 for Roy support (quick, effective, cute) = 5.5/10

#14 Pitbuller26


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Posted 26 March 2012 - 09:04 AM

One of my favorite mages in the series and a controversial character among people imo. She excels where Lugh doesn't which is magic and resistance. I agree that she most likely won't double but will still do as much if not more damage than Lugh would. Plus she starts with a C rank and a lightning quick support with Roy. She is made of paper though meaning she will only live to see another day if she gets hit by magic. Plus she's got blue hair and is a princess. Lilina should have gotten her own class and her own tome. I can dream can't I?

5/10 for me.

#15 Titamon


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Posted 26 March 2012 - 09:14 AM


Not as bad as ppl say she is, but still pretty bad. Having single digit speed throughout the entirety of 1st tier is completely unacceptable.

And did someone say boss slay? with that accuracy?

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#16 Colonel M

Colonel M

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Posted 26 March 2012 - 09:20 AM

I guess I have to be the asshat that starts that parade.

Lilina sucks. No joke.

Coming at Level 1 with her "shitty" bases (5 Mag / 4 Spd / 16 HP / 2 Def) is just... like... holy fucking shit. I really hate pulling the "unit X card", but I mean shit Lugh joined at a lot more convenient time, and it still was a struggle to train him to go somewhere. Lilina is like taking a loaded shotgun; each time you use her, proceed to shoot yourself in the foot and build on up to the headshot. Hopefully you learn after the first shot, yet some are masochistic bastards and pretty much get close to the head shot...

...Lilina's growths are pretty awkward. 75% Mag growth is pretty stellar, but the Spd growth of 35%, HP growth of 45%, and Def growth of 10% means one thing - lolicannon. The only thing she has left to brag is Anima is pretty accurate, and getting to Aircalibur is pretty helpful for tearing up Wyvern Knights and Wyvern Lords, which are problematic throughout the game. That's probably her only saving grace.

When you combine 5 Mov in a game where maps are fucking huge, bad bases, lack of a Spd growth, durability woes, and a game that shockingly likes to pack 2 range a lot, you're in a deep pile of shit. She doesn't have some utility like Ward does for example, so she's purely a "growth unit". She gets a minor bonus for having a really fast support with Roy... but who cares, he sucks just as much too!

...2.5/10. I think that's generous enough.

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#17 -Cynthia-


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Posted 26 March 2012 - 09:33 AM

Lilina has awful durability, lowish Mov and fairly bad offense at her joining time. The offense is the only part that really gets better and her low Spd growth makes useful only against certain enemy types (armors and wyverns since she can OHKO those with Aircalibur). Pretty good support list, but who wants to stand next to Lilina for that long anyway? Roy is pretty quick, but by the time Lilina shows up Roy's not really worth it as a combat unit anyway.


#18 dondon151



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Posted 26 March 2012 - 10:10 AM

you'd wish lilina had better base mag 2/10

also what the hell is up with almost every above poster; lilina is absolutely terrible in HM.

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#19 Ϲharlie


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Posted 26 March 2012 - 10:30 AM


I like using Lilina, but that just makes me all the more aware of how bad she is. I could come up with a laundry list of things that are bad about her, but why bother when Colonel M and Cynthia already did a good enough job?

#20 Renall


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Posted 26 March 2012 - 10:35 AM

Too fragile, too slow. Lilina is basically the textbook example of the overpoweredness of SPD in relation to all other stats. Flip her MAG and SPD growths and she'd be crazy, but as it is that high MAG just isn't very useful in the face of low bases, below-average SPD, and pathetic HP and DEF growths. I suppose she can make an okay staffbot, but she has to promote to do it. She also has great supports, I'll concede. They grow well, there are a lot of them, and they're with some pretty decent characters.

Still, she's a mage. That's kind of okay.