Heroes: Three Additional Updates Coming in April!

The official Twitter account for Fire Emblem Heroes tweeted out some exciting announcements earlier this morning!

Previously this month, @FE_Heroes_JP announced a series of updates scheduled to arrive in April. Now, three additional updates will be arriving at the same time. These updates address a few complaints that players have had about the game in its current state.

Starting Placement

Starting with the new update, Heroes players will be able to change the starting positions of their four units at the beginning of battle! During the very first turn, before moving any units, you can tap a new “Change Positions” button along the bottom that will enable you to freely move your units.

Experience Gains

The experience formula will be tweaked slightly to enable better level progression for lower-rarity units. 1★, 2★, 3★, and 4★ units will gain more relative experience when fighting lower level units. The lower star rarity of the hero, the more EXP they’ll be able to earn from fighting weaker enemies. Experience gains for 5★ units will be unchanged.

Increased Stamina Pool

The maximum amount of Stamina available is being raised from 50 to 99 stamina. Additionally, Stamina Potions and Orbs are also being updated restore a full 99 stamina when used.

There is no set date for these updates to arrive yet, aside from sometime in April.

Dutch Comic Con gives Sneak Peek At Echoes

Those visiting Dutch Comic Con this year at Jaarbeurs Exhibition Centre in Utrecht, Netherlands got a surprise, as there were demos for Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia available to play. This is the first event in Europe for the game at all.

A reddit user, /u/superkyon, has done an AMA on their experience with the demo which you can find and be a part of here.

For starters, supports are confirmed at this point, and are going to be more akin to that of the GBA era. User superkyon mentions in this particular post, Tobin & Kliff having a basic conversation for a C rank. It’s hard to say if this will set a precedent for the entire games set of supports or not.
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Echoes: Weekend Screenshot Analysis

With so much Fire Emblem-related news lately, it’s very easy to miss some details. Today, we’ll take a deeper look at some recently released screenshots from Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia.

The first batch of screenshots come directly from Nintendo themselves. Uploaded on 22nd March, these screenshots compliment the gameplay information provided in the 21st March press release.

The first three screenshots appear to occur during the new prologue, which explores Alm and Celica’s childhood days before they were torn apart. In the first screenshot, Alm is heading towards Celica.

We’ve seen this grassy field with flowers on multiple occasions. Most notably when Alm and Celica are studying their birthmarks, but also during the difficulty/mode selection. Considering the timing, it’s safe to assume all these events occur close to one another. Read more

Heroes: Michalis Great Hero Battle is Back!

The next Great Hero Battle has arrived! All Fire Emblem Heroes players can now battle to earn a 3★ or 4★ version of Michalis: Ambitious King. Like Ursula, players will have to complete a difficult Lunatic Difficulty map for the 4★ version.

Earlier this week, the Michalis battle was available for a short period of time as part of a special event. This time around, it will stay open until March 28th, the standard amount of time for a Great Hero Battle. Players who already completed either map during the event will not be able to get Michalis from those same maps again.

Additionally, a new Summoning Focus is now available, with units specifically chosen to aid in the battle against Michalis. Using the new Focus, players can hope to roll 5★ versions of Eliwood, Gordin, Severa, or Minerva. This new focus will also expire on March 28th.