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Cipher S7 Weekly Recap: Daily Cards, Nindori and Guidebook Info!

As we ramp up towards the Fire Emblem Cipher Series 7 release next week, the FECipher Twitter account has been very active, posting three of the four remaining Super Rare cards this week alone! The most recent was just showcased today: Eliwood from Blazing Sword, wielding Durandal.


Other reveals include a Ninian SR and Ursula R, both also from Blazing Sword, as well as some new cards for Fire Emblem Fates: Basara Oboro as our 3rd SR and Jakob R. Both Oboro and Ninian were expected to get SRs this set, the former for her popularity and the latter for her plot importance, but there’s still one unknown S7 SR remaining.

ninian-sr ursula-r oboro-sr jakob-r

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Cipher S7 Weekly Recap: Daily Cards & Booster Box Goodies!

We’re another week closer to the release of Series 7 of Fire Emblem Cipher, and the reveals and previews keep coming in! The very last card showcased on the official @FECipher twitter today reveals the final Hoshidan sibling SR card from Fire Emblem Fates: Onmyoji Sakura!


With this reveal, we can now finally see the entire Royal Panarama artwork in all of its glory. Quite a stunning piece of artwork!


Other cards revealed this week include two cards for Subaki from Fates, both promoted and unpromoted, and also an R foil card for Jaffar from Blazing Sword. The final card revealed this week is a spoiler for the Revelation path of Fates, so I won’t be showing it openly, but you can click here to view it.

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Cipher S7 Weekly Recap: New Cards, Comiket Merch Preview, & Livestream Guests!

We’re now less than three weeks away from the release of Series 7 of the Fire Emblem Cipher card game. More information and cards are being released every day as we get closer, including this lovely shot of all three cards of Serra from Blazing Sword that were revealed over Twitter at the beginning of this week, including an alternate art R+ card.


Other Twitter reveals this week include promoted R cards for Florina and Lucius from the same game, as well as promoted cards for father and son Takumi and Kiragi from Fire Emblem Fates, with the latter now showcased as a Kinshi Knight, compared to his earlier rendition as a Sniper.

florina-r lucius-r

takumi-sr kiragi-hn

With Takumi’s SR now revealed, the full royal panorama is now up to seven cards long! The final card necessary to complete the image is Sakura’s SR. At the rate these cards are being revealed, we will likely see her promoted Onmyoji card next week.

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Cipher S7 Weekly Recap: New Reveals & Text-Free Artwork!

Last weekend’s Fire Emblem Cipher livestream showed off a lot of new cards and generated much excitement for the upcoming Series 7. The @FECipher twitter has been keeping the buzz and excitement going with more card reveals, capping off the week with this beautiful SR card for Hector from Blazing Sword.


Other cards revealed this week include Falcon Knight Hinoka, Kinshi Knight Setsuna, and Master of Arms Hana from Fire Emblem Fates, as well Druid Canas and both a Myrmidon and Swordmaster version of Lloyd of the Four Fangs from Blazing Sword. Lloyd is an interesting choice for a villain SR card, but not very surprising considering his popularity.

hinoka-sr setsuna-r hana-r

canas-hn lloyd-sr-hn

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