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Fire Emblem Music Collection: Piano ~Faith & Engagement~ CD and Concerts

Just when you thought 2016 had no more news to offer, Nintendo and Intelligent Systems has announced a new Fire Emblem piano music CD and live concerts to celebrate its release.


The “Fire Emblem Music Collection: Piano ~Faith & Engagement~” CD contains 16 tracks from throughout the series, composed and performed by the up-and-coming female pianist Keiko.

The CD will cost 3,200 Yen (including tax) and is scheduled for release on 22nd February 2017 in Japan. Fortunately, the rest of us can order it from import stores such as CD Japan.

Track List

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Cipher Caravan Merchandise + Details

On June 25th 2016, the Fire Emblem Cipher card game will be celebrating its 1st anniversary (together with Fates). To celebrate the occasion, the Cipher Caravan will be heading to various locations in Japan from June to August.


At the event, fans can expect to sample the delights of Cipher, battle other Cipher players, purchase exclusive merchandise or even listen to a “mini concert” featuring tracks from the 20th Anniversary Concert.

While a list of merchandise was posted earlier on the Cipher website and these were also showcased at the Cipher Livestream Spring, this is the first time we have official pictures and prices for them.

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Upcoming Fire Emblem Soundtrack/DVD Releases

Today is the first of three days of Comiket 89, a massive Japanese anime and gaming exhibition that occurs twice every year in Japan.

Earlier this year, during Comiket Special 6, Fire Emblem made its first Comiket appearance to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the series.


Felicia at Comiket 89.

Now, due to popular demand, the Fire Emblem booth is back again, with another plethora of highly sought-after and exclusive merchandise

While Japanese fans and miracle workers frantically queue up to bag the loot, for those unable to attend Comiket (or find friends to go), there are some items you can order from the comfort of your own home.

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Fire Emblem Cipher at Comiket 89

Fire Emblem Cipher and merchandise collectors will be setting their drool-o-meter to maximum as Fire Emblem triumphantly makes it way to Comiket 89 from 29th to 31st December 2015 in Japan.


As a bonus, a “First Princess of Nohr, Camilla” promotional card, featuring Camilla in a predictably risque Santa costume, will be given away with any purchase made at the booth (while stocks last).

The goods for sale are mostly related to the Cipher card game, but there are some new 25th Anniversary items too; of major interest to fans is the 25th Anniversary Fire Emblem Concert DVD.

(By the way, if anybody is able to visit the Fire Emblem booth, please let me know!)

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