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Cipher S13 Weekly Recap: First Card Reveals & Livestream Reminder!

Welcome to the very first Fire Emblem Cipher S13 Weekly Recap! Just this week, the official @fecipher twitter account started sharing the first daily reveals for the set. As expected, the initial reveals focused on cost 1 cards of the main characters for the represented games. For Blazing Sword, we get Eliwood, Lyn, and Hector.

Next up, we got Marth representing Shadow Dragon, followed by Alfonse, Sharena, and Fjom for Heroes. As the Heroes portion of the set focuses on Book II, Fjorm takes Anna’s place with the Askrian siblings. That said, Anna may still appear in the set.

As you may have noticed, none of these cards have rarity or set numbering in the bottom left corner. This makes it a bit difficult to tell where cards appear in the set, which was likely the intention of keeping this information hidden. However, we can still identify some card rarities, as in the next two card reveals of the set: Ninian R and Lyn SR.

Both of these cards feature border patterns that reflect specific rarities. Ninian’s R card lacks an outer border on the left, right, and top, but still has purple on the bottom. Meanwhile, Lyn’s SR card is completely border-free.

The art pieces for both cards are also interesting. Ninian’s card is based on the in-game CG of Eliwood rescuing Ninian from the Black Fang during Lyn’s Story in the game. For Lyn’s SR card, some of the artwork on the right seems to indicate that it will actually form a joined-art piece with another card, possibly Eliwood SR.

These aren’t the only cards we’ve gotten so far, though. A special edition of the Cipher Frontier column also revealed cards for three of the Cipher OC Mascots. The newest character, Nieve, appears in two promoted purple cards, while Yuzu and Randal each get their first colourless card.

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Cipher Series 13 Booster Pack, ST Deck, and Sleeve Images!

We still have some time before we’ll start getting card reveals for Series 13 of Fire Emblem Cipher. However, news and images have still been slowly trickling in. Just today, @fecipher revealed images for both the Series 13 Booster Pack and also the associated Structured Deck!

The booster pack features art for Sharena, Marth, and Eliwood. Likely, these three characters will function as the main lords for their respective set sections.

The ST Deck image is a bit more new and interesting. Lyn is the leading character for the deck, as a counterpart to Eliwood starring in the set. Her ST+ card also contains a signature, a first for an ST Deck! The signature is by Lyn’s Japanese voice actress, Makiko Omoto. The twitter revealed a text-free Lyn’s ST art recently as well.

On the ST packaging around the edges, we can also see some more card art for other characters. Starting on the bottom left and going clockwise, the characters appear to be Serra, Matthew, Hector, Eliwood, Florina, Erk, and Marcus.

The Matthew image matches some art of him from a recent magazine in Japan. We also got some new artwork of Lena at that time.

If that’s not enough new art for you, we also have images for the associated S13 sleeves! As usual, there will be four different sleeve designs. This time around, they feature Marth, Linde, Lyn, and Laevatein. Laetavein’s chibi-style art sleeve is brand new art and will likely be featured on a promo card.

You can pre-order all four sleeve designs, as well as the S13 deck and booster boxes, from AmiAmi.

Finally, @fecipher also revealed another guest for the upcoming Spring 2018 Livestream! Satomi Arai, the voice actress for Loki from Heroes, will be joining Ryota Kawade, Young, and Eri Suzuki. The livestream airs on 26 May, so mark your calendars!

Daily card reveals for the set will likely be starting up before the stream, so prepare for more upcoming news as well. Cipher Series 13 releases next month on 28 June.

Cipher: Spring 2018 Livestream Date & Eliwood ST Art!

More S13 news will be arriving shortly for Fire Emblem Cipher! Earlier today, the @fecipher twitter account announced the date for the upcoming Spring 2018 Livestream.

The livestream will air on 26 May, a little over a month before S13’s release on 28 June. Ryota Kawade and Young will be our hosts, as usual, with Eri Suzuki returning as a guest. Eri is a rather prolific Japanese voice actress for Fire Emblem, playing the roles of Soleil (Fates), Delthea (Echoes), and even Cipher’s own Ema (Echoes).

As usual for seasonal livestreams, we can expect to see a wide variety of new cards for S13. We’re also hoping for some future Cipher news as well. Most notably, S14 is still completely unknown aside from its “keyword”: 無限 (mugen, the Japanese word for infinity). We may also hear about some upcoming events.

If you’d like to watch along, you can find a link to the stream on the official site. As usual, it will air a 8pm JST, which is 11am UTC.

Additionally, the Cipher twitter earlier this week also revealed some new artwork for Eliwood! This piece of art, drawn by Blazing Sword‘s official artist Sachiko Wada, will be featured in S13’s associated ST Deck. This deck, the first one released since S9 last year, will feature cards and characters from FE7. Likely, Eliwood will be the starring lord.

With this information, likely we’ll start getting daily reveals the week of, or the week before, the stream. We may also continue to get additional tidbits here and there, like Eliwood’s art, before then. Stay tuned for further details!

Cipher Series 13 Introduction & Pre-Orders

With S12’s release a few weeks back, it’s time to turn our attention to the next Fire Emblem Cipher installment. Cipher Series 13 will release in about two months on 28 June. It’s already shaping up to be an exciting set, so let’s take a look at what it has in store!

S13’s main focus is on Blazing Sword. Much of the set, and also a new Structured Deck, will feature characters from this game. The remaining cards will be split between Shadow Dragon and Fire Emblem Heroes. Head down below for a further look at news and art for the set, as well as pre-order links.

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