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Cipher Series 12 Pre-Release Livestream & Full Set List!

This past Saturday, the Fire Emblem Cipher team held the Series 12 Pre-Release Livestream live over NicoNico! Voice actresses Hibiku Yamamura (Rinea and Shade) and Minami Takahashi (Peri and Alice) joined Ryota Kawade and Young as hosts.

Like most pre-release streams, the main draw was opening up packs to show off new cards for S12, which focuses on Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn, Genealogy of the Holy War, and Awakening. Kawade also revealed some additional artwork for the summer set, S13. Read on below for a full breakdown!

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Cipher S12 Weekly Recap: Daily Reveals, S13 Images and Pre-Orders, & Livestream Reminder!

It’s the final week of daily reveals before S12 of Fire Emblem Cipher releases next week. The Cipher team has saved some exciting cards for the end, including this gorgeous joined-art of Micaiah and Ike! These are special SR+ alternate art variants for both characters. We still haven’t seen Micaiah’s regular SR art yet, but we will soon.

Earlier this week, @fecipher also revealed two more SRs, the final SR cards for both Awakening and Genealogy of the Holy War. This third blue SR card goes to Walhart, shown here with an HN for his tactician, Excellus. Fan-favourite Ishtar also earned herself an SR this set, along with an unpromoted N card.

The final yellow reveal of the week is an R/R+ combo for Sigurd. His regular art takes place early in the game when he receives a Silver Sword from Arvis, whereas the R+ is much later during his battle with Eldigan. On the Tellius side, we also get another pair of cards for Elena and Greil, including some rather gut-wrenching artwork in Greil’s R card.

Now that S12 is gearing up for release, we’re also getting some more information regarding the next set. Pre-orders for both booster boxes as well as the set’s associated ST deck can now be placed on AmiAmi.

Advertisements have also begun to appear in Japan, showing off mock-ups of some cards. Based on the cards in the ad, we can assume that Blazing Sword will be getting a full half set, with Shadow Dragon and Heroes sharing the other half.

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Cipher S12 Weekly Recap: Daily Reveals, Booster Box Goodies, & Cipher Sai Photos!

We’re now another week closer to the release of Series 12 in Fire Emblem Cipher! @fecipher has had a busy week sharing lots of reveals and other pieces of information for the upcoming set. Two new characters revealed this week are Ashnard and Rajaion from Path of Radiance! Ashnard has an N and R card, and Rajaion an HN.

The Tellius reveals continue with an N and SR card for Mist as well! We saw Mist’s N briefly during the Winter Livestream, but now we get a proper digital look at it. The SR is completely new and is the 4th SR for Tellius that we know so far in this set. Mist’s SR goes well in tandem with Berserk Ike, protecting your allies from his murderous rampage.

Speaking of SRs, Nowi snags her first SR this set, with some beautiful artwork by kawasumi! Nowi is the second SR representing Awakening that we’ve seen so far this set.

The remaining reveals of the week go to Genealogy of the Holy War. Both Beowolf and Oifey get two cards in the yellow portion of the set, one N and one HN each. Oifey’s card represent his appearances in both generations of the game.

Additionally, the official FE Cipher website updated today! The updates give us a look at some of the goodies that will be included in booster boxes of the set.

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Cipher S12 Weekly Recap: Daily Reveals, Ad Posters, & Cipher Festival!

@fecipher has been keeping Cipher excitement high with another week of card reveals! First up is Lachesis SR, the second SR from Genealogy of the Holy War. She appears here as a Master Knight, wielding a sword but gaining access to tomes based on your bonds. With Ares only getting an R, the final yellow SR of the set is anyone’s guess.

We also got a couple new foil cards on the Awakening side as well. The Lucina art used for the Cipher Sai playmat now appears as a joined-art for two R and R+ cards! The left card is the standard R while the right is the alternate art plus card variant. We also get an N and an R card for Say’ri with some unique, stylized artwork.

Tellius also gets its share of cards this week as well. Makalov gets his first Cipher appearance as a gimmicky HN card that references his gambling nature. The assassin Volke also gets both an N and and HN card.

Additionally, Cipher ad posters are beginning to pop up in Japan! These posters contain some new art and cards for the upcoming set. The poster in in the center, for example, reveals that Adult Tiki gets at least one new card this set. Check below for a look at the posters and the zoomed-in glance at some new cards as well.

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