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Cipher Series 6 Set Release & Promo Information

The sixth expansion for Fire Emblem Cipher was officially released last week! Titled Storm of the Knights’ Shadows, Series 6 features characters from the first generation of Genealogy of the Holy War alongside Nohrians from Fire Emblem Fates. Now that everything is released, we can take a look at everything the set has in store for us.


Booster boxes for Cipher don’t just include packs of cards, but they also come with some extra goodies as well. Boxes for S6 contain two extra gifts: a small pack of promotional sleeves and a set of promo cards. The sleeves for this set feature either the box art for Genealogy or some promotional art of Elise and Sakura from Fates.


Among the card packs, there are two preview promo cards for Series 7 as well, one of Eliwood from Blazing Sword and one of Ryoma from Fates. These two are the main characters for S7 which will be released in early December, and these cards use their existing official artworks.

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Cipher: Series 6 Pre-Release Livestream!

Yesterday, the Fire Emblem Cipher team hosted another livestream as a pre-release event for the upcoming Series 6, which releases on September 29th. During the steam, they showcased many of the missing cards from the series, and also discussed upcoming events and later series releases.


Ryota Kawade (Cipher Producer), Young (from Intelligent Systems), and Eri Suzuki (Soleil’s Japanese VA) were our starting hosts. They opened up the stream by showing off a few pieces of artwork from the upcoming Part 2 of the Tellius Recollection books featuring Micaiah and Ike from Radiant Dawn.


Afterwards, they started showing off some cards by opening one of the ST Decks. Kawade showed off some of the deck’s holo cards, such as the starring lord card for Sigurd from Genealogy of the Holy War, the holo versions of the joined artwork of younger Quan, Sigurd, and Eldigan, and other ST Deck cards of Lex and Azel.

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Cipher S6 Weekly Update: Daily Reveals & New Promos!

We’re now less than a week from the release date for S6 of Fire Emblem Cipher! With such a short time remaining many cards have already been seen, but the the @FECipher Twitter has still been busy sharing lots of gems with us, including this beautiful joined artwork of SRs featuring Arvis and Sigurd from Genealogy of the Holy War!


Other daily reveals from Genealogy this week include full shots of the magazine promos for Ayra and Sigurd, as well as two cards for Raquesis, her normal art and R+ alternate art version.

ayra-promo sigurd-promo raquesis-r

This week’s star of the Fire Emblem Fates card reveals is SR Camilla. This is the final Nohrian Sibling SR card, which completes the black half of the royal sibling panorama. Take a look at the whole thing below!

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Cipher S6 Weekly Recap: More Daily Reveals & Site Updates!

We’re less than two weeks away from the release date of Fire Emblem Cipher‘s Series 6, and the Cipher team is revealing many new cards and information as we get closer and closer to the final date! One of the most anticipated cards shown off this week is an SR card for Leo from Fire Emblem Fates, our third piece of the royal sibling panorama.


Other cards revealed on the official Cipher Twitter this week include an SR card for Deirdre and R cards for Eldigan and Bridget, all from Genealogy of the Holy War. The final revealed card contains a rather large spoiler for Revelation, so I won’t be showing it off here, but you can click here to view it.

deirdre-sr eldigan-r briggid-r

The FE Cipher official website has also had several updates this week, including a final update for the S6 page itself. The page update shows off small versions of a handful of S6 booster series and deck cards, some new and some old.

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