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C Support

Elise: Effie! Let's go for a walk!

Effie: *munch munch*

Elise: Effiiiie! Are you eating again?

Effie: I'm sorry. I can't help it. I just never feel full...

Elise: It's because you train too much! You've gotta take it easy sometimes.

Effie: But I can't get stronger if I don't train.

Elise: I wouldn't worry about that. I think you're plenty strong already.

Effie: One mustn't neglect one's responsibilities, Lady Elise. I need to be strong enough to protect you from anything.

Elise: Aww, that's sweet! But I still think you might be overdoing it. Besides, doesn't eating all that food make it harder for you to move in an emergency?

Effie: Oh, yes. In fact, I'm having trouble moving right now.

Elise: What?! Does that mean we can't go for a walk now?

Effie: Don't worry. You can just roll me on my side instead.

Elise: *sigh* No, it's OK. We'll walk together some other day...

B Support


Elise: Effie! Will you put me down now? Pleeease? I don't wanna be your dumbbell anymore!

Effie: Awww, but you're the perfect weight... OK. I'll set you down. Watch your feet, milady.

Elise: No need to be so formal, Effie! It's just the two of us.

Effie: Yes, milad—er, OK, Elise.

Elise: Heehee. Say, do you remember how we met?

Effie: Of course I do. You snuck out of the castle and came to play in the underground city.

Elise: Yep! I was sick of being in that stuffy old castle. I wanted to make a new friend! A real one.

Effie: I'd never have guessed that muddy little girl was our princess.

Elise: If we hadn't gone back up to the capital, you probably never woulda found out, huh? It's weird to think about what might have happened...

Effie: Yes. It would have changed the entire course of my life. But we did go up, and those guards found us. I tried so hard to protect you, but they were too much for me. I was only a child... I might have been locked away forever if you hadn't told them who you were.

Elise: Heehee. Yeah, we sure showed them! They got sooooooo scared!

Effie: That was the day I swore I'd protect you for the rest of my life. No matter what.

Elise: Yup! I remember it like it was yesterday. Thank you for always being there for me, Effie!

A Support

Elise: The world's a strange place, isn't it?

Effie: Hm? Why do you say that?

Elise: Well, if it wasn't, we wouldn't be together like this! If things had turned out just a li'l different, I'd never have seen you again after we met. I knew the guards wouldn't let me sneak out again after they found out who I was.

Effie: Yes. It's not often that the lives of commoners and princesses overlap.

Elise: I was so shocked when I saw you at the castle in full uniform! To think you were the same girl I'd met in town... I knew then and there that we'd be friends forever!

Effie: I kept remembering your face on the day we met. To have snuck out of the castle and gone all that way on your own... I knew I had to spend my life protecting that brave, sweet girl. I knew to do that I'd have to join the castle guard. So I trained as hard as I could. I lifted boulders beneath waterfalls, and I swam upstream through the rapids. I even went hunting with nothing but my bare hands.

Elise: Really?! Yikes, I didn't know that part...

Effie: But it was because of those hardships that I earned the honor of being your retainer. I feel only gratitude for the pain I suffered. It made me strong.

Elise: It really did! You're the strongest person I've ever known, Effie! Thank you so much. For everything!

Effie: Heehee. No need to thank me.

Elise: I promise, I'll never let us get separated again! No matter what!

Effie: Thank you, milady. And I promise to protect you until the end of time. I am so glad we met.

Elise: Me too!