Fates Supports/Kaze Silas

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C Support

Silas: Is that... Kaze, look out! It's a Faceless! Get down!

Kaze: Wha—?!

(Battle sounds)

Faceless: GRRRrr...!

(Faceless leaves)

Silas: Phew... Keep your eyes open, Kaze. You were wide open for an ambush.

Kaze: I'm sorry, Silas. I was inexcusably careless.

Silas: Hey, it happens to the best of us. Just be on guard next time.

Kaze: Yes. Thank you...

Silas: I'm glad you're OK. Take care, Kaze.

(Silas leaves)

Kaze: Um... Silas... Please wait!

(Kaze leaves)

Silas: Weird... I thought I heard him tell me to wait. But I guess he left.

Kaze: Silas...

Silas: Wh-whoa! Where the devil did you come from?

Kaze: Sorry if I scared you. That wasn't my intention. I am a fairly lowly ninja and not yet mindful of the noise I do or do not make.

Silas: R-right... So what did you need?

Kaze: Something occurred to me. You saved my life, and I thought I should do something to repay you.

Silas: Don't worry about it. I did what anyone would have done in those circumstances.

Kaze: I can't settle for that. I'll do anything you like; simply name it.

Silas: Anything I like? Hmm...you're kind of putting me on the spot here... Listen, I'm fine the way things are. Your thanks are all I need.

Kaze: Silas...

B Support

Silas: Ahhh...now that's a tasty apple. Ripened to perfection. Brimming with juice. Just the way I like it. Huh? That's weird. I'm positive I only packed one apple today. So why am I seeing double?!

Kaze: ...My apologies. I thought this was what you wanted.

Silas: Kaze?! When the blazes did you get here?!

Kaze: Though I am but a lowly ninja, I'm trained to move swiftly and silently. You appeared to enjoy apples, so I brought you another one.

Silas: So that's it... Thanks? I guess? Wait...are you still trying to pay me back for that Faceless thing?

Kaze: Yes. And I'm afraid however juicy an apple I find for you... when weighed against a life, it will always be lacking. My debt has yet to be repaid.

Silas: No, except it has. I'm telling you that you're free. I release you. We're fine.

Kaze: If only it were that simple. Take care, Silas.

(Kaze leaves)

Silas: Suit yourself...

(Silas leaves)

Silas: This is some mighty fine soup. And surprisingly filling! I've barely made a dent in the bowl, and I already feel like I've eaten a full meal. I gotta get the recipe for this stuff... ... Oh, no. No soup is THIS filling. Kaze...

Kaze: *gasp* How did you detect me?

Silas: Are you kidding me?! You've been secretly filling my bowl this whole time? HOW?!

Kaze: My sincere apologies. I meant well...

Silas: I can't believe this. Please believe me when I say I don't need anything more from you! It's OK! Really! You're starting to creep me out...

A Support

Silas: *sigh* You can come out, Kaze. I know you're there.

Kaze: Well spotted.

Silas: I knew it. Why can't you let the matter drop? We're even. People are starting to notice what's going on, you know. They think I'm haunted.

Kaze: I'm sorry. I didn't mean for it to become a problem...

Silas: I'm not mad. I know what you're trying to do, and I appreciate it. I hate feeling like I owe people too. I'd give anything to square a debt—even my life. So I kind of know where you're coming from on this.

Kaze: I had no idea... Silas! Get down!

Silas: Huh?!

(Silas leaves)

Kaze: Hah!

Faceless: Gyaaaah...!

(Faceless leaves)

Kaze: Were you hurt?

Silas: A Faceless? Here? That was close... Thanks, Kaze. Heh, you saved me this time.

Kaze: Don't mention it. I'm only glad that it didn't get to you.

Silas: You've certainly repaid the favor now. Actually, I might owe YOU...

Kaze: I'm glad to hear that. Although I feel a bit empty, knowing I have nothing left to repay you for...

Silas: Well, if that's your only problem... Why don't we get together without all this favor business dragging us down? Something tells me it'll be freeing for both of us.

Kaze: Do you mean that?

Silas: One thing, though...wear heavier boots when you do. It gives me the willies when you creep up behind me like a ghost.

Kaze: I understand. I'll try and give you more warning from now on.

Silas: Good. Do that, and you're all right in my book.