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C Support

Hana: Urgh... My stomach... So hungry... Skipping breakfast and lunch to focus on my training wasn't the best idea... I know! I'll ask someone to share their food with me. There! I'll ask him! Hey, Saizo!

Saizo: ...Yes?

Hana: I'm sooo hungry. Do you have something that you'd share with me?

Saizo: If you're hungry, go down to the mess hall.

Hana: But that's really, really far away! I don't think I can make it all the way there...

Saizo: I'm certain that you can.

Hana: You don't know for sure! I could die!

Saizo: That approach may get sympathy from some people, but not from me.

Hana: Why would it work with others but not you?

Saizo: Other people are kinder—more compassionate—than I am.

Hana: Saizo, what are you talking about? You think there's some kind of ranking for how helpful people can be? We're all on the same team, so we help each other out. It's simple!

Saizo: ... Hrmph. Whatever. This is all I have on me.

Hana: Oh, great! You DO have something! Let's see... Is this a steamed bun?

Saizo: Correct. I always carry these with me. It may not taste good, but it'll fill you up.

Hana: Let's try it. *nom nom* Whoa! It's good! Really good!

Saizo: Really? It shouldn't taste that good...

Hana: Phew, that hit the spot. Thanks so much, Saizo. You really helped!

Saizo: You're welcome.

B Support

Hana: Oh, I found him! Saizo, Saizo!

Saizo: Hana, I have perfect hearing. You don't need to yell so loud.

Hana: So that thing you gave me the other day... The special food that you always carry. Can I have another?

Saizo: What? You actually liked that? I mentioned that we only carry that around because it's compact and filling, right? In terms of taste, it's probably one of the worst things I've eaten...

Hana: Really? But it's so soft and flavorful and I absolutely love it! It's chewy like mochi and...perhaps a hint of fish?

Saizo: The recipe does use pounded rice and a little flaked fish... We really don't try at all to make it tasty.

Hana: Hrm...I think it tastes pretty good...

Saizo: No one has ever spoken those words about this food.

Hana: I think you just have strange taste buds. I'm going to see how the others like it.

Saizo: I do not think that is wise...

Hana: Why not? I think they'll actually be angry that you've kept this treat for yourself. So can I have another one, please? Pretty please?

Saizo: Fine, OK... This is my very last one.

Hana: All right! Thanks so much! I'll pay you back somehow, Saizo!

(Hana leaves)

Saizo: Phew... I do not know what to make of that woman.

A Support

Hana: Oh, Saizo! Hey, hey, Saizo!

Saizo: I'm certain that I told you not to yell... I can hear you just fine.

Hana: Heehee, sorry.

Saizo: So what do you need, Hana? Another of those buns?

Hana: Nah, I'm not all that hungry right now. But remember how I told you I'd repay you? Well, I couldn't come up with anything... So I thought that maybe I'd ask you what you'd like, instead!

Saizo: I don't need anything. All I gave you was some food I had left over from the battle.

Hana: But my reputation as a samurai will be tarnished if I don't repay a favor! I'll get you back somehow, you'll see!

Saizo: I told you—I don't need favors returned! In fact, you're becoming a nuisance with your constant yapping.

Hana: Oh—a nuisance, huh? I can just keep talking to you until you tell me exactly what you'd like!

Saizo: ...I would not enjoy that.

Hana: Right? With all that noise, I bet you won't be able to sneak around. So what'll it be?

Saizo: I can't tell whether you want to aggravate me or please me...

Hana: Please you, of course. Aren't you happy that I want to do something for you?

Saizo: ... Hrmph... All right. You win. I'll think of something for the next time we meet. Just let me go for today.

Hana: Wonderful! Make sure to think of something good, Saizo!

(Hana leaves)

Saizo: Gods, I feel like I'll go crazy every time I talk to her... But... It's not necessarily a bad feeling.

S Support

Saizo: Hana.

Hana: Hey, Saizo, what's up? This is funny. Normally I've been the one tracking you down.

Saizo: That's just it. Why don't you come talk to me anymore?

Hana: Aww, did you miss me?

Saizo: No, it isn't that! It's just... You kept coming by to ask for my food, but then you suddenly stopped. I was worried that something may have happened to you.

Hana: You were worried about me? That's sweet. Well, I thought I was becoming a pain by visiting you all the time.

Saizo: A pain?

Hana: You said yourself that I was being a nuisance! And that all the noise I make disturbs your stealthy work...

Saizo: You're correct. I did say that...

Hana: I thought that I'd be less bothersome if I stopped doing those things.

Saizo: Wow... I didn't realize you were able to check your own behavior...

Hana: That's awful to say! I might be a bit rough at the edges, but I am a samurai! I can demonstrate basic decorum when it's called for.

Saizo: You're right... I'm sorry.

Hana: Hrmph... With that kind of attitude, I don't know if I'll ever pay you back. ...Honestly though, I'd totally forgotten that I needed to. Did you think of something you'd like?

Saizo: Oh, that... Um. This is more difficult than any mission I have ever undertaken... I'd like...to give "us" a try.

Hana: Us?! Wait, are you kidding?

Saizo: I rarely make jokes. I thought you were driving me nuts, but then I realized it was a different feeling. Your friendliness, your candor... It was very refreshing. And...nice.

Hana: Oh, wow... Thank you, Saizo. I'm glad you said something. You know, I have feelings for you, too...

Saizo: R-really...?

Hana: But I don't think a few buns is a fair way to start a serious relationship.

Saizo: Then...something else? What would make you happy?

Hana: Lots of buns, of course! You'll give me plenty more in the future, right?

Saizo: Oh...that's what you meant. Then you'll have all the buns your heart desires.

Hana: I'm all yours! Thanks, Saizo!

Saizo: Heh... I guess I'll need to stock up on rice and fish. I'll gladly do it to bring you happiness. I love you, Hana...