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C Support

Orochi: Lord Takumi! A moment, if you please.

Takumi: What, Orochi?

Orochi: Heh! I've come into possession of the cutest little doll I've ever seen. It's such a pwetty wittle baby too. The perfect doll...for you.

Takumi: Wh-what?! Are you crazy? I don't play with dolls. And I never have!

Orochi: Is that so? I remember you as a little lord, having to snuggle a doll to sleep at night.

Takumi: Never! N-n-not once!

Orochi: You forget. I see all. Especially the past. I see...you and Lady Sakura...holding court with a dozen of your favorite dolls. Ah, the good old days.

Takumi: Hey, shut it! You shouldn't be spilling our secrets like that. Not that it happened.

Orochi: But it's one of my favorite memories. Besides, people should know that you're all gooey under your gruff crust.

Takumi: Wh-whoa. You wouldn't do that to me, would you?

Orochi: What, give your secrets away? Air your dirty laundry? How very dirty it is...

Takumi: Enough of that. Don't make me regret putting up with you for so long.

Orochi: I've served at the pleasure of the palace since you were tiny. I'm owed some fun. Come now, Lord Takumi. I'm only teasing. Nothing to get angry about. Now hasn't this been a lovely walk down memory lane? Let's do this again.

(Orochi leaves)

Takumi: Ugh, Orochi... Forget that. I'm not about to play mouse to that cat.

B Support

Orochi: How are we feeling today, Lord Takumi?

Takumi: Fine, until now.

Orochi: Is this because I know all about your childhood? Your dirty laundry? I...I only meant your diapers! I had to change them when I babysat you.

Takumi: That makes it even WORSE. I'd swear you're just trying to torment me.

Orochi: I'd never do that. I hope these walks down memory lane will bring us closer together. What, you don't want to stop and smell the roses with me?

Takumi: Not exactly.

Orochi: You're afraid. I guess I would be too. If the roses smell like dirty diapers. But if I know my Lord Takumi, you'll conquer your fears soon enough.

Takumi: Now what is THAT supposed to mean?

Orochi: Don't you remember? You used to hide under your bed as a child.

Takumi: H-hold on now...

Orochi: Honestly, when I used to babysit, you really worried me. You'd say there were monsters in the closet, the cellar, even the toilet! You'd come running and beg me to hold your hand. To the point where I was scared too! I suppose it's cute in a pathetic way.

Takumi: Enough already! I can't take any more of your mockery. I'm a grown adult.

Orochi: Oh, see? You're no scaredy-cat anymore. I really bring the fighter out in you.

Takumi: Please, no more. That's all I can take. See ya, Orochi.

(Takumi leaves)

Orochi: W-wait, Lord Takumi. I thought we were just playing—like the old days!

A Support

Orochi: Come now, Lord Takumi. Don't be like this.

Takumi: Go away. I'm not talking to you.

Orochi: Why? We're old friends!

Takumi: Friends, Orochi? The way you've been cornering me? Mocking me? If you air any more dirty laundry from my childhood, I'll lose my damn mind. So you're dead to me, Orochi.

Orochi: Don't you think you're overreacting, just a little? I mean it only in jest.

Takumi: You meant to insult me. It's...it's... treason against the entire royal family! Well, maybe not all that. But it's awful. We're supposed to be on the same team.

Orochi: I'm sorry. I didn't realize that my words pierced your heart so deeply. I promise. No more walks down memory lane. Never again.

Takumi: Good.

Orochi: Now hold on. I said I'm sorry.

Takumi: You've overstepped for the last time, Orochi. I'm a grown adult. And a royal.

Orochi: I see. Hmm... Oh, my. I do see.

Takumi: Wh-what now? I mean, I don't care.

Orochi: You really ARE a grown adult.

Takumi: Uh, what? That's just what I've been trying to tell you. I'm not a child anymore.

Orochi: You used to be such a royal shrimp. But now you're taller than me. When did THAT happen?

Takumi: Um, years ago? Like five? Or seven? It's been forever.

Orochi: And you didn't tell me until now? Well, now I feel silly! I've teased you for years like you were my little brother. But, er, I guess you're more like... my BIG brother? How could you have let me go on for so long, teasing you like that?!

Takumi: Wait, Orochi. Why are you upset? I'm the one who should be offended here.

Orochi: No, no. I'm upset with myself for not seeing it sooner, Lord Takumi.

Takumi: Good! Finally! You'll start treating me like...like...the man I am!

Orochi: Heh. I stand corrected, my lord.

S Support

Orochi: What a lovely day it's been, finding herbs for my very, very darkest magic!

Takumi: OROCHI!

Orochi: Eeeeep! You scared me! What is it, Lord Takumi?!

Takumi: I'm...I'm sorry. It's just that I've had something on my mind since our last talk.

Orochi: Well then? Say what you need to say.

Takumi: Er, yes. Remember how I said I wanted you to see me as an adult?

Orochi: Whew! Is that all this is about? I thought we put all that behind us.

Takumi: Yes, Orochi. I mean... No, Orochi.

Orochi: Spit it out. What have I done this time? Have I overstepped again?

Takumi: Er, about that.

Orochi: Because I'll step back. WAY back. Lord and servant, is that what you want?

Takumi: I want the opposite! I want you closer! By my side! Or me by yours! Whichever!

Orochi: Are you toying with ME now?

Takumi: Last time, when you said you wouldn't tease me anymore, I realized that I live for your teasing. You're the only one who knows...cares... about me well enough to mock me.

Orochi: Oh? Well, I'll admit that I've been sad to think that I'd never tease you again. You're sure you've had a change of heart? Because this wasn't in the cards. Still, love defies fate on occasion. Are you SURE that you're sure? I do think I have enough things to tease you about to last a lifetime. And I bet I could come to respect you out of more than just duty!

Takumi: Hold on. Are you just messing with me again? I'm trying to be serious here. I don't want us to be lord and servant anymore, Orochi. I want us to be—

Orochi: Cat and mouse, I hope?

Takumi: Heh, yes. That's exactly what I want. But can I be the cat sometimes? Please?

Orochi: Sounds fair. We've got to keep our games fun enough to last a lifetime. Now, start running, little mouse. Orochi is the cat today!