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"Promotional Cards"' ("PR" for short) are cards released outside of the main sets and theme decks.

  • "Box Promos" are teasers for the next set with alternative art; one of the two will be included in the respective booster boxes.
  • "Cipher Tournament Packs" are, as implied, special 6 card packs given out at tournaments, and the indented cards below are the 6 promos included.
  • "Guide Promos" are a pair of cards included in the respective sets guide book, which are always unique, tactiful holo cards.
  • "Magazine Promos" are holo prints issued in limited run magazines that make them hard retrieve afterwards.
  • The rest can be given out in events, products, and other means of distribution, which are listed on their character's page.

List of Promotional Cards

Set 1 Promotional Cards
P01-001PR - Crown-Prince of Hoshido, Corrin (Male) (Box Promo)
P01-002PR - Crown-Princess of Nohr, Corrin (Female) (Box Promo)
P01-003PR - Crown Prince of Altea, Marth (Alternate Art)
P01-004PR - Swordsman Known as Marth, Lucina (Alternate Art)
P01-005PR - Prince of Just Convictions, Chrom
Cipher Tournament Pack 1
> P01-006PR - Loyal Retainer, Jagen (Alternate Art)
> P01-007PR - Healing Hero, Wrys
> P01-008PR - Princess of Macedon, Minerva (Alternate Art)
> P01-009PR - Platonic Pegasus Knight, Cordelia
> P01-010PR - Practitioner of Dark Arts, Tharja (Alternate Art)
> P01-011PR - Sentimental Divine Dragon, Tiki (Alternate Art)
P01-012PR - Deposed Prince, Marth (Alternate Art)
P01-013PR - Stoic Prince, Marth (Magazine Promo)
P01-014PR - Sacred Descendant, Lucina (Alternate Art)
P01-015PR - Enigmatic Tactician, Robin (Male) (Guide Promo)
Set 2 Promotional Cards
P02-001PR - Rookie of the Mercenary, Ike (Box Promo)
P02-002PR - Princess of Hoshido, Corrin (Box Promo)
Cipher Tournament Pack 2
>P02-003PR - Watchdog of the Dragon Princess, Bantu
>P02-004PR - Noble Beast Warrior, Panne
>P02-005PR - First Princess of Hoshido, Hinoka (Alternate Art)
>P02-006PR - Hoshidan Younger Sister, Sakura (Alternate Art)
>P02-007PR - Princess of Nohr, Corrin (Alternate Art)
>P02-008PR - Songstress of Water, Aqua (Alternate Art)
P02-009PR - Hidden Dragon Prince, Corrin (Magazine Promo)
P02-010PR - Hidden Dragon Princess, Corrin (Magazine Promo)
P02-011PR - Fervent Princess of Hoshido, Hinoka (Guide Promo)
Set 3 Promotional Cards
P03-001PR - Normal Kid, Itsuki (Box Promo)
P03-002PR - High School Visionary, Tsubasa (Box Promo)
Cipher Tournament Pack 3
>P03-003PR - Duke Tanas, Oliver
>P03-004PR - Legend of the Four Riders, Black Knight
>P03-005PR - Rookie of the Mercenary, Ike (Alternate Art)
>P03-006PR - First Princess of Nohr, Camilla (Alternate Art)
>P03-007PR - Sisterly Princess of Nohr, Elise (Alternate Art)
>P03-008PR - Clumsy Maid, Felicia (Alternate Art)
P03-009PR - High School Visionary, Tsubasa (Alternate Art) (Product Promo)
P03-010PR - First Princess of Nohr, Camilla (Alternate Art)
P03-011PR - Hoshidan Younger Sister, Sakura (Alternate Art)
P03-012PR - Youngest Royal Sister, Elise (Alternate Art)
P03-013PR - Princess of the Lost Kingdom, Elincia (Magazine Promo)
P03-014PR - Withdrawn Tactician, Soren (Magazine Promo)
P03-015PR - Songstress of the Fountain, Azura (Alternate Art) (Event Promo)
P03-016PR - Songstress of Water, Azura (Alternate Art) (Event Promo)
P03-017PR - Virtuous Songstress, Azura (Guide Promo)
Set 4 Promotional Cards
P04-001PR - Young Lord of Pherae, Roy (Box Promo)
P04-002PR - Silver-Haired Maiden, Micaiah (Box Promo)
Cipher Tournament Pack 4
>P04-003PR - Considerate Brother, Matthis
>P04-004PR - Challenger of the Depths of Wisdom, Miriel
>P04-005PR - High School Visionary, Tsubasa (Alternate Art)
>P04-006PR - Swift Whitewing, Catria (Alternate Art)
>P04-007PR - Normal Kid, Itsuki (Alternate Art)
>P04-008PR - Hesitant Blade, Severa (Alternate Art)
P04-009PR - Prince of the Alliance, Marth (Magazine Promo)
P04-010PR - Falchion's Heiress, Lucina (Magazine Promo)
P04-011PR - Passionate Background Entertainer, Itsuki (Guide Promo)
Set 5 Promotional Cards
P05-001PR - Paladin of Grannvale, Sigurd (Box Promo)
P05-002PR - Nohr's Strongest Knight, Xander (Box Promo)

Cipher Tournament Pack 5
>P05-003PR - Pherae Official, Merlinus
>P05-004PR - Mysterious Stomach, Ilyana
>P05-005PR - Stubborn Mage, Tormod
>P05-006PR - Lady of Ostia, Lilina
>P05-007PR - Silver-Haired Maiden, Micaiah
>P05-008PR - Prophet of the Hidden Village, Sophia
Fire Emblem Fates - Japanese 3DS XL Exclusive
>P05-009PR - Crown-Princess of Hoshido, Corrin (Female) (Alternate Art) (Product Promo)
>P05-010PR - Prince of Nohr, Corrin (Male) (Alternate Art) (Product Promo)
Fire Emblem Cipher Caravan Promo
>P05-011PR - Hardworking Maid, Felicia
>P05-012PR - Skillfully Attentive Maid, Flora
P05-013PR - Leader of the Pherae Army, Roy (Magazine Promo)
P05-014PR - Princess of Ostia, Lilina (Magazine Promo)
P05-015PR - Lady of Dawn, Micaiah (Guide Promo)
Set 6 Promotional Cards
P06-001PR - Lordling of House Pherae, Eliwood (Box Promo)
P06-002PR - Hoshido's Strongest Samurai, Ryoma (Box Promo)

Cipher Tournament Pack 6
>P06-003PR - Sturdy! Strong! Slow!, Arden
>P06-004PR - Wedding Belle, Charlotte
>P06-005PR - The Spirit Forest's Maiden, Deirdre
>P06-006PR - Princess of Isaach, Ayra
>P06-007PR - Sorcerous Prodigy, Leo
>P06-008PR - Refreshing Ice Sister, Felicia
Sept 2016 edition of Nintendo Dream
P06-009PR - Hero of Grannvale, Sigurd
Sept 2016 edition of Dengeki Nintendo
P06-010PR - Peerless Astra, Ayra

Set 7 Promotional Cards
P07-001PR - Branded Prince, Chrom (Box Promo)
P07-002PR - Grannvale's Prince of Light, Seliph (Box Promo)
Cipher Tournament Pack 7
>P07-003PR - Living Legend, Athos
>P07-004PR - Fashion-Loving Spear Master, Oboro
>P07-005PR - Brother to Marquess Ostia, Hector
>P07-006PR - The Fang's Apprentice, Nino
>P07-007PR - Wind God's Successor, Takumi
>P07-008PR - Affectionate Little Sister, Sakura
Comiket 91 Promos
>P07-009PR - Swordfighter from the Plains, Lyn
>P07-010PR - Fiery Princess, Hinoka
>P07-011PR - Bewitching Flower, Camilla
Cipher Caravan CD Promos
>P07-012PR - Scarlet Knight, Cain
>P07-013PR - Verdant Knight, Abel
Feb 2017 edition of Dengeki Nintendo
>P07-014PR - The Hoshido Family's Eldest Son, Ryoma
Feb 2017 edition of Nintendo Dream
>P07-015PR - The Nohrian Family's Eldest Son, Xander
Seventh Cipher Guidebook
>P07-016PR - Daughter of the Lorca Tribe, Lyn
Cipher Sai 2017 Promo
>P07-017PR - Affectionate Little Sister, Sakura
>P07-018PR - Sweet Sister, Elise

Set 8 Promotional Cards
P08-001PR - Ram Village Boy, Alm (Box Promo)
P08-002PR - Zofian Warrior Priestess, Celica (Box Promo)
Cipher Tournament Pack 8
>P08-003PR - Caravan's Dancer, Olivia
>P08-004PR - Light's Guider, Lewyn
>P08-005PR - Loyal Knight of a Lost Country, Cherche
>P08-006PR - Imperial Princess of Grannvale, Julia
>P08-007PR - Princess of Talys, Shiida
>P08-008PR - Young Phantom Thief, Sothe
Fire Emblem Echoes Special Edition
>P08-009PR - Ram Village Boy, Alm
>P08-010PR - Zofian Warrior Priestess, Celica
June 2017 issue of Dengeki Nintendo.
>P08-011PR - Shepherds-Commanding Prince, Chrom

Set 9 Promotional Cards
P09-001PR - Prince of Askr, Alfonse (Box Promo)
P09-002PR - Princess of Askr, Sharena (Box Promo)
Cipher Tournament Pack 9
>P09-003PR - Dreamy Thoughts, Faye
>P09-004PR - Bolt Axe Dragonmaster, Gromell
>P09-005PR - Ram Village Boy, Alm
>P09-006PR - Zofian Warrior Priestess, Celica
>P09-007PR - As Strong as One Brigade, Jemmie
>P09-008PR - Girl of the Mercenaries, Mist

>P09-009PR - Warrior of the Order of Heroes, Anna

>P09-010PR - The Deliverance's New Leader, Alm
>P09-011PR - Princess bound for the Temple of Mila, Celica

Set 10 Promotional Cards
P10-001PR - Princess of Renais, Eirika (Box Promo)
P10-002PR - Prince of Renais, Ephraim (Box Promo)
Cipher Tournament Pack 10
>P10-003PR - Blade Braggart, Shannam
>P10-004PR - Dragon Horn Prince, Corrin (Male)
>P10-005PR - Knight of Leonster, Finn
>P10-006PR - Myrmidon of Fiana, Mareeta
>P10-007PR - Exposed Paradise, Nina
>P10-008PR - Dragon Horn Princess, Corrin (Female)

>P10-009PR - Ram Village Boy, Alm
>P10-010PR - Peace-Protecting Prince, Alfonse

Set 11 Promotional Cards
P11-001PR - Princess of Noble Wishes, Eirika (Box Promo)
P11-002PR - Prince of Fervent Oaths, Ephraim (Box Promo)
Cipher Tournament Pack 11
>P11-003PR - Swordswoman of Whispers, Marisa
>P11-004PR - Rigelian Hero, Mycen
>P11-005PR - Prince of Renais, Ephraim
>P11-006PR - Myrmidon of Fiana, Mareeta
>P11-007PR - The Exalt's Other Half, Robin (Female)
>P11-008PR - Wind God's Successor, Takumi
Comiket 93 Promos
>P11-009PR - The Forest Village's Fireball, Delthea
>P11-010PR - Princess of Hoshido, Corrin (Female)
>P11-011PR - Princess of Askr, Sharena

>P11-012PR - Princess of Kind Resolve, Eirika

>P11-013PR - Divine Dragon Princess, Tiki
>P11-014PR - Tomboyish Manakete, Nowi