Request: Femme's Horn Delivery

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To initiate the request, speak to the masked salesclerk who is on the lowest floor in Illusory Daitou TV.

Masked Salescleck: What am I doing here-ho, you ask? I'm gathering materials for a very hee-important task! Ho! It's not so simple on my own... Perhaps you'll hee-help me? Ho?

The player is given two options on how to respond:

  • Yes
  • No

If the player chooses "no":

Masked Salesclerk: What a shame... Hee-woe is me! If you change your mind, let me know, ho!

Conversation ends, quest unaccepted.

If the player chooses "yes":

Masked Salesclerk: Thanks! Hee ho! I'll leave the hee-rest to you! Take this with you, ho!

>Obtained Femme's Horn.

Masked Salesclerk: I need 4 more of these! You can find them from Yomotsu Shikome. Hee ho! I hee-think they were back around Film Set B? You should look and see-ho! Guess I'll be hee-heading back now! Farewall, ho!

>The salesclerk leaves. Once Itsuki collects 4 more horns, he makes a comment.

Itsuki: (I found everything I was asked to get... Time to report back to the Hee Ho Mart)

>Itsuki speaks to the masked salesclerk in the Hee Ho Mart.

Masked Salesclerk: Hee-thanks! Let's do business again sometime! Hee ho!

Request complete! Obtained two Melmarks and a Dekaja Stone as thanks.