Forums Back Online — Or Not.

Hey guys, I’ve brought the forums back online. I may or may not need to bring them back down later, if the server load gets too high again. I’m still troubleshooting a lot of bugs with the current server setup. Sorry for the issues!

Update at 5:31PM PT: Unfortunately, the server was being overloaded by the forums, so I had to turn them off again. I’m looking into upgrading our server hardware again… it’s been about 1.5 years since our last one and we keep growing, so it probably won’t be our last. Unfortunately, these are always expensive. If you’d like to help out, even just a little, please donate:

Update on 8/21/14 at 10:19AM: Holy crap, we’re over halfway to my donation goal for the server upgrade. Thank you guys so much! I’m currently already talking to the hosting company we use about upgrading our hardware. I’m hoping to get it done today or tomorrow, preferably today.

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