Forums Back Online — Or Not.

Hey guys, I’ve brought the forums back online. I may or may not need to bring them back down later, if the server load gets too high again. I’m still troubleshooting a lot of bugs with the current server setup. Sorry for the issues!

Update at 5:31PM PT: Unfortunately, the server was being overloaded by the forums, so I had to turn them off again. I’m looking into upgrading our server hardware again… it’s been about 1.5 years since our last one and we keep growing, so it probably won’t be our last. Unfortunately, these are always expensive. If you’d like to help out, even just a little, please donate:

Update on 8/21/14 at 10:19AM: Holy crap, we’re over halfway to my donation goal for the server upgrade. Thank you guys so much! I’m currently already talking to the hosting company we use about upgrading our hardware. I’m hoping to get it done today or tomorrow, preferably today.

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  • Integrity

    wait does that mean you want me to ultra stress test the forums by posting a lot

  • Yay.
    For now, at least…

    • Wait, I’m getting a lot of Error 502 or is it just me?

      • Jyosua

        Not surprising. I’m intentionally stressing the server right now while I try to troubleshoot.

  • Austin Kim

    rip in pieces fe4thread

    Any chances of having a rollback like what happened five years ago?

    • Jyosua

      What happened 5 years ago shouldn’t ever happen again.

  • SethofRenais

    So now Serenes forest has disqus like Zelda Dungeon . So does this mean the account I made for the forums is useless now?

    • Chris

      i don’t think the forums themselves are running off of disqus.

      • Jyosua

        I wouldn’t want them to. :V

    • Jyosua

      Nope. Disqus will only be used for comments on the main site news and news pages for individual games. The forums will stay the same.

  • Jave

    I made a donation. Hope it helps.

    • Ayanami

      Ha ha ha…

      Having a discussion here as well is already worth the site’s change.
      God bless you. 😀

  • Trueblade74

    You do know that there’s a bunch of links on sites that crib off SF that will now link to 404s, right Jyosua?

    • Jyosua

      I can track that and try to implement redirects.

      • Trueblade74


  • Elieson

    What’s the goal $ for donations?

    • Jyosua

      About $350. We’re currently halfway there! I’m really, really grateful to everyone who donated.

      • Aveyn Knight

        I’m glad we’ve got so many people who care for the site. I did my part for the cause, but sadly I’m kind of poor right now so it’s not a remarkable amount.

        • Jyosua

          Hey man, thank you anyhow.

          Also, I need to figure out how to make you a mod on the disqus comments. Once I finish fixing the server issues, I’ll give you your admin account for the site on here as well.

  • London Hargrove

    donation $7 -Red

  • donated, then my bank went totally nuts about it

    • Jyosua

      Well, that /was/ a lot to donate. I really do appreciate it, though. Thank you very much!

  • Shockmaster

    I feel bad that i can’t give anything. need to save the money for college tuition. Sorry guys