New Site Transition Finally Complete

Well, after days of fighting with the server, the transition is finally complete. We’re back to running at full speed!

I know a lot of you guys are worried about dead links, redirects, and whatnot, but we’ll work on those in the coming weeks. This is our first major main site upgrade in years, so please bear with us. It’ll take some time to get everything completely settled. The old site is also available here, but there’s a few broken image links.

Overall, thanks for putting up with our rocky transition and server upgrade. Thank you, guys, for your support!

About the Author: Jyosua
  • Trueblade74

    “”, eh? Nice job patching up the cracks, Jyosua.

    Two questions:

    1: Are you and the Jyosua affiliated with Skullgirls two different people?

    2: Can I be unbanned please?

    • Jyosua

      As far as the Skullgirls question, you mean for streaming events with Skullgirls? No, that is also me.

      Unbanned? Where are you banned?

      • Trueblade74

        1:Cool, thought it was a big coincidence. I mean, for someone to be both a competitive fighting game tourney pro and the bearer of the mantle of FESS is almost too unbelievable to be true.

        2: You don’t know me? Integ and Nightmare know me plenty.

        • Jyosua

          Well, I can’t consider myself a pro unless I actually win a tournament. At this point, I definitely have not.

          As far as the ban, sorry man. After checking into it, it sounds like you’ve been ban dodging and were even problematic during that time. Normally ban dodging substantially hurts someone’s case to allow them back onto the forums, but if they were also problematic during the time before we discovered the dodge, that only serves to reinforce the ban.

          If I were you, I’d just step away from the place for a while. Go hang out on another community in the meantime. If you have good behavior there for a very long period of time, then that might support justification for a second (technically third) chance.

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