Fire Emblem if Initial Game Information

In Nintendo’s first Nintendo Direct for 2015, they started off with a megaton: a teaser for a brand new Fire Emblem title for the Nintendo 3DS.


As with most new announcements, details are scarce at the moment, although from the available footage, the graphics and gameplay are very similar to the previous entry, Fire Emblem: Awakening. This apparently includes the Dual System (Dual Strikes etc.) introduced in that game.


What we do know for sure is that Intelligent Systems are still behind the game, as is Yusuke Kozaki, the character designer for Awakening. However, this time they’ve added in famous comic book writer, Shin Kibayashi to do the story.

According to Iwata, the game will ask you to make bigger decisions than in previous titles in the series.

Fire Emblem if

Furthermore, in Japan the game is currently known as “Fire Emblem if” and is scheduled for release in Summer of 2015. In the West, we only know this game as the new Fire Emblem or “Fire Emblem: Working Title” and a release date was not disclosed.

So far, all of us on the forums have been discussing the footage in depth.

From initial appearances, the game has a more eastern flair than normal, with Pegasus Knights seen sporting Naginatas and characters with unusually Japanese names–such as Kazahana and Hinoka, in comparison to the likes of Felicia and Marx.


Known characters include Kazahana the sleepy sword-wielder, Hinoka the red-haired Pegasus Knight, Felicia the maid, Marx the epic horseback knight and a mysterious female(?) named Kamui who appears not in the teaser, but in the Nintendo Direct when Iwata speaks afterwards.

This is currently speculation, but it’s possible Kamui could be the Avatar character of this game, based on the current evidence. Bearing in mind in the first footage of Awakening, we had short glimpses of the Avatar and Marth, even though we didn’t know who exactly they were at the time…

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