25th Anniversary Concert Update

The countdown on the 25th Anniversary Concert site struck 0 today, which means we finally get some new details about the concert!

25thAnnoyingly, a lot of details are still “Coming Soon” despite us having to wait. For now, here are some key things to take away:

  • Tickets cost 7,500 Yen (with tax). They will be raffled from 20th April and then formally sold from 7th June.
  • Saori Seto, the voice of Anna and Severa, will be acting as the event host.
  • In addition to the concert, there will be a talk show with the developers discussing the Fire Emblem games past and new (which includes Fire Emblem if, presumably).
  • Furthermore, there will be an original mini drama featuring voice actors from the games.
  • Last but not least, there will be a chance to buy limited edition “Fire Emblem 25th Anniversary” and “25th Anniversary Concert” goods.

(I may add additional details later.)

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