Sneak Preview of the Comiket FE 25th Anniversary Booth

Tomorrow is the first day of Comiket Special 6 in Japan and, as reported earlier, event-goers will be able to visit a Fire Emblem booth selling a range of 25th Anniversary merchandise.

Hopefully in the coming days we’ll have reports from fans who visited the booth, but for now, Yusuke Kozaki–the official artist for FE: Awakening and the upcoming new game–has tweeted two pictures of the booth.

fe25booth1The first picture (and likely the main reason for the tweet) showcases a brand new “double Marth” artwork, drawn by Yusuke Kozaki himself.

This wonderful piece of artwork is reminiscent of an iconic Awakening promo art, but matches Masked Marth with classic Marth instead of Chrom–or, in a way, new Fire Emblem and classic Fire Emblem.

Meanwhile the second picture outlines a general view of the booth. Besides the previously announced merchandise, it seems fans can also buy the recently-released Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn OSTs.

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