Fire Emblem TCG “Cipher” Details

The April Nintendo Direct had one more point of interest for Fire Emblem fans, if you were watching the Japanese Direct at least: new details pertaining to the upcoming reboot of the Fire Emblem Trading Card Game.


The new TCG is formally known as “Fire Emblem 0 (Cipher)” and, as previously announced, will be released in Japan during the same day Fire Emblem if launches, which we now know is 25th June 2015.

The initial expansion features characters from the first and last games in the series, Shadow Dragon and Awakening; you can check out various samples at the newly-opened official site and in our TCG gallery.

shadow-deck awakening-deck

Players just starting out can invest in two starter decks, “War of Shadows Chapter” or “Awakening Chapter”, each containing 50 cards for 1300 Yen (without tax).

Then to try and complete your collection, you can purchase “Blade of Heroes” booster packs, containing 10 random cards for 350 Yen (without tax).

At the moment, the rules of the game are unknown, but the official twitter account promises to reveal them very soon.

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  • JDT001

    Just a minor issue but the “trading card game” tab doesn’t have a link to the cipher cards.

  • shane3x

    Will there be a seperate board for just discussing FE TCG whether its the old one or the new one coming out?

  • HOLY MOLY the one with Cherche looks so good…

  • Dexterino

    So I just purchased 2 each of the starter decks, I assume they are the same cards in them? Then Two Booster Boxes of the Hero Swords along with Anya Kingdom Game. Can’t wait to see what I get.

    • Ariana

      Same here. I just hope there are not too many duplicates per box.

      • Dexterino

        The Starter Decks I have a feeling they are the same cards. A friend asked me to order a pair of starter decks. (I have a feeling Chrom, Masked Lucina, Tharja and Cherche are in there) so I think they should have the same cards in it. It is a “Starter” Deck after all.

        As for the Booster Box, of course there is a chance of doubles. 16 Booster Packs – 10 cards each = 160 cards in total. I’ll see how it goes when I get the cards.

        • Ariana

          I’m pretty certain about the starter deck being the same but I did buy two of the starter decks with Chrom and the awakening characters just for the hell of it.

  • Ariana

    Hey VincentASM! Are you ordering any of the cards?

  • Michael Ingram

    Good to see that HACCAN has been commissioned to do some of the artwork.

  • XrosJun

    Do we know which cards are in each Starter Set? Since I’m assuming not all Awakening characters are in it’s Starter, and vice-versa. I want to get a deck, and am leaning Marth’s series, but Anna could tip me over into getting the Awakening one.