Fire Emblem’s 25th Anniversary: A Celebration

So what started as a 2 paragraph introduction became a series retrospective; you can probably tell how much I love the series, haha.

With the serious stuff out of the way, here are some fun things other people and I have put together to celebrate 25 years of Fire Emblem.

kozaki-fe-25-yearsTo begin with, Yusuke Kozaki (the official artist for Awakening and if) drew another of his commemorative sketches, this time for Fire Emblem’s 25th.

If it’s hard to tell the characters because of the lack of colours, they’re from left to right: Roy, Sigurd, Eirika, Ephraim(?), Leif, Marth, Ike, Lucina and Chrom.

Next, I have a few things to share myself…

crack-roll-conquerorThis is a rather unusual way to celebrate the series, but I’ve created a montage of Fire Emblem Awakening characters with impossible classes and/or weapons, which you can find on Youtube. Can you spot all the in-jokes I’ve scattered here and there?

hoshido-mockup1 nohr--mockup1

Just when you thought things couldn’t get weirder, enjoy some English boxart mock-ups of Fire Emblem if Hoshido and Nohr (click the thumbnails for larger images). With a few edits and a printer handy, you can even baffle your friends by pretending to own the games early.

Lastly, have you ever wondered what Fire Emblem items I have in my possession? Maybe not, but you can have a look anyway!

fire-emblem-drawer1 fire-emblem-drawer2

Sadly I don’t really have a lot of space to display my collection, so I keep all my Fire Emblem belongings safely in a drawer. Covering most of the contents is an Awakening poster that I got from a Nintendo event (I’ll show this off later) and the official staff book from the 25th Anniversary booth at Comiket.

…And here’s what my collection looks when displayed in the open:

fe-collection-2015-forest(Before you ask, yes, I do in fact live in Serenes Forest. I think? Or maybe it’s just a Photoshop effect. I can’t tell apart reality from fantasy anymore.)

Now I won’t bore you with the details, but towards the back are my games, while towards the front are the various books. Sitting cozily near the centre is the pride of my collection: the European Fire Emblem Awakening 3DS XL and the limited edition box behind it.

To the left of the 3DS XL is probably the anti-pride of my collection, a cheaptastic Awakening-themed wallet that I got by pre-ordering from an online store. Lemme tell you, it looks and feels infinitely worse in real life and I wouldn’t be caught dead using it. But, hey, it’s Fire Emblem…

Anyway, if you have any notable celebrations to share, don’t hesitate to comment below!

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