Fire Emblem if face plate bundle in Japan

Nintendo of Japan has revealed a nifty Fire Emblem if face plate bundle on the official site.

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The face plates, which are based on the boxarts for Hoshido and Nohr, can be purchased together with a black New Nintendo 3DS and a 16 GB microSDHC memory card (altogether for 19,980 Yen) or separately (for 2,700 Yen).

Of course, since Nintendo of America has apparently skipped the non-XL New Nintendo 3DS model, the chances of these coming out in North America are pretty slim. Europe on the other hand…

Besides this, we also get a clear look at the heroine, Aqua’s official artwork for the first time!


Of course, we still know next to nothing about her, except she’s a songstress and has an interesting wardrobe.

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