Fire Emblem Fates: Class Trailers

While we’re all partying away at E3, Nintendo of Japan sneakily unleashed two new Japanese trailers for Fire Emblem Fates.


Both of these trailers showcase the classes you’ll encounter, in Hoshido and Nohr.

To save space, I’ve hidden the new classes after the cut (and also because of spoilers, as almost every class is revealed).

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Note: Sorry, I lied. I’m in the middle of writing up the Treehouse analysis, but it’s 3 AM and my eyes literally cannot stay open. I’ll see you all again tomorrow!

Obviously, class names are subject to change (or can be interpreted differently by different translators).

Especially the Hoshidan classes–some of which I’ve left untranslated, because I simply couldn’t find an appropriate translation.

Shuras carry a gourd on their back.

Shuras carry a gourd on their back.

New Hoshidan classes

  • Priest: Male Priestess (Staff)
  • Villager (Lance)
  • Shura: Promoted Oni (Axe, Tome)
  • Blacksmith: Alternate Oni promotion (Sword, Axe)
  • Holy Lancer: Promoted Lancer (Lance)
  • Basara: Alternate Spell-caster (and Lancer?) promotion (Lance, Tome)
  • Exorcist: Promoted Spell-caster (Tome, Staff)
  • Mountain Priest: Promoted Priest (Lance, Staff)
  • War Priestess: Promoted Priestess (Bow, Staff)
  • Falcon Warrior: Promoted Pegasus Warrior (Lance, Staff)

The Golden Kite is a bird that appears in fables.

The Golden Kite is a bird that appears in fables.

  • Golden-kite Warrior: Promoted Pegasus Warrior (Lance, Bow)
  • Holy Bowman: Promoted Bowman (Bow)
  • Elite Ninja: Promoted Ninja (Sword, Kunai)
  • Nine-tailed Fox: Promoted Fox Spirit
  • White Blood: Promoted Dark Prince(ss) (Sword, Dragonstone, Staff)

Not exactly new, but Puppeteers (promoted Ninjas) wield Kunais and Bows.

New Nohrian classes

  • Adventurer: Promoted Thief (Bow and Staff)
  • Revenant Knight: Alternate Wyvern Rider promotion (Axe and Tome)
  • Mánagarm: Promoted Garou
  • Dark Blood: Promoted Dark Prince(ss) (Sword, Dragonstone, Tome)

Additionally, Butler and Maid are considered promoted classes.

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