Fire Emblem Fates: Famitsu Score and Site Updates

Over in Japan, things are ramping up too, as Fire Emblem Fates inches ever closer to its 25th June release date.


To start with, although there wasn’t a Famitsu leak yesterday, we do know (thanks to Hachima) that Fates scored 36 out of 40 (9/9/9/9) in Famitsu.

For reference, this is one of the highest scores in the series, tied with Awakening, the original Mystery of the Emblem and Binding Blade.

Secondly, the game’s official site has received another update–this time, to the Characters section. For details about this, please see below the cut.

Last but not least, Nintendo of Japan has shared an extended version of the TV commercial, featuring two new 30 second commercials, focusing on Hoshido and Nohr.

Back to the official site update…

Along with a fancy subordinate chart, there are additional profiles of characters we’ve seen in Famitsu and two characters who we haven’t gotten acquainted with yet.

Setsuna the Bowman (or... Bow... girl).

Setsuna the Bowman (or… Bow… girl).

Asama (Priest) [Hoshido]

Hinoka’s subordinate. Has an affable and gentle personality. Although he appears to be a prime example of a clergyman, it’s difficult to know what he’s truly thinking because of his aloofness. Occasionally, he may show off his sharp tongue.

Setsuna (Bowman) [Hoshido]

Hinoka’s subordinate. She speaks little and comes and goes like a shadow. Extremely clumsy, but has nerves of steel and is oblivious to sarcasm. She passes her spare time by daydreaming and silently shooting objects down.

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