E3: Fire Emblem Fates at Nintendo Treehouse (Day 3)

At last, the final piece of Fire Emblem-related E3 coverage is done and dusted!

On the third and final day of E3 (on Thursday), Nintendo Treehouse played even more Fire Emblem Fates–this time, a chapter from the Hoshido path.


If you missed the playthrough, you can watch it here (uploaded by Nintendo Everything).

Here is my report as well.

Compared to Day 2, there’s even less new information to gleam, but a few important ones, such as Aqua’s English name: Azura.

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  • Nireous

    (um kinda off topic sorry ‘~’)
    Ok I don’t think I’ve seen a post about this, but I was reviewing the ‘my castle’ video, specifically the part where you are in your room and can chose some to play fire emblem – amie with. In that screen it has some sprites, and some have a ‘heart’ next to them, which i’m pretty sure signifies you can romance and marry them. Three of the sprites have hearts, the first having pink hair, second having green hair, and third having blue hair

    the pink haired girl is obviously the maid, Felicita, and the blue haired girl is that aqua/azura girl.
    what i found interesting was that the green haired person is Suzukaze, the male ninja that follows you on both paths.

    Also, the sprite with the gold and red hair is definitley rinka, but you can’t romance her as the male avatar.

    sooo does this mean gay marriage is confirmed for the game? Maybe Suzukaze is bisexual, and can marry both male and female characters? or maybe with rinka you havne’t completed some ‘requirement’ to start romancing her? What do you guys all think?

    • Ummmm….all I can say is that until further information is revealed, its safe to say the hearts just mean building friendship. Kind of like how the male avatar in awakening would have the heart symbol appear over him and a paired up male unit when their support increased. The heart at this point is used for the universal friendship/bonding symbol. As for why those three had it and not the others….I can probably guess that’s showing those three units are the closest to increasing their support to the nextlevel. I’ll just leave it at that because I sure as hell not going to try and somehow have another Shingeki no Marriage shitstorm happen like what happened in that last post revealing Marriage coming back (Yeah….after all those comments blew up over there I’ve not even bothered to even click that link….at least the starting comments).

      • Nireous

        Yeah, that makes sense. The hearts could mean the ones you have a close friendship or high relationship with, which is funny cause it looks like he hasn’t been talking with his sister at all XD

        we really won’t know anything til the game and the support list comes out… until then it’s all pretty much guesswork :

        lol yeah i took a look at that comments page and pretty much clicked right out.

    • Aveyn Knight

      Yes, marriage is confirmed, but the hearts in the “Fire Emblem Amie” aren’t tied to marriage. In a different screenshot, it shows Silas having a heart icon, next to the females. I don’t know what the hearts mean though… Maybe you can only invite that character when the heart is there? Or it shows their relationship is at the highest level?

    • Chromatustigmata

      I doubt gay marriage is in. If there were gay marriage, you’d lock out some of the children characters. Sorry if you swing that way and wanted it to happen. I also thought it might have been possible, but having child characters kind of destroys that idea.

      • Nireous

        Yeah, that’s what i figured too. Especially if the children are locked to the fathers. Like, there probably is a way to maneuver around all the couples so they all have child, regardless of if they’re gay/straight couples, but that would be way to complicated to implement, I doubt they’d bother.
        I’m actually ace, so I don’t swing either way lol. In Awakening I didn’t actually marry off any of the characters (bar Chrom), and honestly I doubt I’m going to do it in Fates either. I guess it’s something I’d more like to see as a concept than actually partake in.

  • It’s going to be so gut-punching if one of the bosses on either game you have to end up killing (with that character being a character that’s playable on the other path). Then again, it makes for a good game; so bring on the angst!!

  • Doctor Robert

    “Azura curse you!!” – Skyrim 😛

    Seriously, though, Azura would be the feminine form of Azure, which is the shade of blue that the sky is… Sky=Blue, Water=Blue? And also water is usually blue because it reflects the sky….

    I just think there’s more connection between Aqua and Azura than that they both begin and end with A… (though that is relevant… not sayin’ it ain’t….)

  • Aqua, Azura, Icea, Blizzarda, Skya, Dropsa :))