Fates: Opening Week Sales + Renka’s Debut

It’s been a week since Fire Emblem Fates came out in Japan, which means two things.


Firstly, we now have data for the all-important first week of sales.

According to Media Create, Fates sold 303,366 copies between the Hoshido version, Nohr version and the Special Edition (the latter of which sold 42,991 copies).

Famitsu meanwhile places Fates slightly higher, at 353,201. It’s likely Famitsu counts the Special Edition as two games, which would partially account for the higher figure (the remaining difference is likely due to different tracking).

Either way, when combined, Fates’s first week sales exceeds the first week sales of any previous game in the series, even beating the previous record-holder, Awakening, which opened with 262,399 copies sold.

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Secondly, 1st July also marks the start of Renka‘s career, with the release of her debut single, if ~ hitori omou (the opening song for Fire Emblem Fates).

To mark the occasion, new official Twitter and Facebook accounts and even a dedicated mail magazine have been created to make it easier for fans to follow her.

More importantly, you can order her single from various sites, such as Amazon, CDJapan and HMV, no matter where you live (although be wary of the shipping costs for physical products).

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