25th Anniversary Merchandise Coming to Online Retailers

Remember the exclusive merchandise announced for the Fire Emblem 25th Anniversary Concert in Japan?

Two of those items (arguably the best ones) will be available from select online retailers after the concert, although don’t get your hopes up just yet because these retailers only serve local (i.e. Japanese) customers.

azura-necklace1 azura-necklace2

(Credits to 4Gamer for giving us large images that we don’t deserve.)

The first item is the replica of Azura’s necklace from Fire Emblem Fates. According to the product description, the blue gemstone is a Swarovski crystal, while the chain and pendant are made of brass.

As mentioned, only 700 of these will be produced and they will be sold at the concert venue to begin with. Later, they will be available from Otomart and Gee!Store, although it’s hinted that these are leftovers, so they’ll be in limited supply.

fe_box_futa_nyukou_ol dia_A_cd2_h2h3_bc_obi_B_0407

The second item is of course the Fire Emblem Hundred Song of Heroes, a Fire Emblem themed version of the “Karuta” card game, where the goal is to grab a “grabbing” card corresponding to a “reading” card before your opponents do.

There’s a reason for its peculiar name: contained in this collection are 100 beautifully illustrated reading cards–each depicting a Fire Emblem hero and half of a poem (or song), with the other half included on the matching grabbing card.


Behind the illustrations are 59 artists who provided artwork for previous games, have some relationship to the series or manga industry or simply up-and-coming artists.

Such names include Yusuke Kozaki (artist of Fates and Awakening), Senri Kita (artist of Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn), Sachiko Wada, Eiji Kaneda, Maki Hakoda, Kotaro Yamada and HACCAN to name a few.

As with Azura’s necklace, the Hundred Song of Heroes will be sold from the aforementioned retailers after the concert, although there’s no mention if they’ll be limited or not (but it’s probably safe to assume so).

Well, now… I think it’s time to start hunting or begging for a middleman.

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