Fire Emblem Hundred Song of Heroes Card Images

Thanks to Maeryn Sen, you can now appreciate the exclusive artwork from the Fire Emblem Hundred Song of Heroes card set without spending a dime (or getting hit by crazy import charges…).


To begin your artwork appreciating adventure, please head over to our image gallery or grab them straight from the source. (Note: I’ve kindly been granted permission to re-upload the images.)

Some things I should mention:

  1. Not all the artwork is exclusive (sorry, I lied); a few characters use their Awakening DLC artwork.
  2. Some of the artwork might not be to everyone’s tastes. You have been warned!
  3. If you want your own card set, you can still order it from Otomart or Gee!Store. But if you’re ordering from outside of Japan, you may need a middleman service.
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