Errata: Heimler the Forgotten

In a website with close to 3000 pages, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that mistakes and errors are pointed out on a near daily basis.


Although most are obvious goofs or minor typos that can be corrected without anyone batting an eyelid, some are trickier beasts to contain.

As such, I will be introducing the first of… well, hopefully not many erratum notices that exist to highlight and explain some bizarre mistakes I’ve made on this site.

In the Unused Content page, under the “Dark Dragon and Sword of Light” section, the following statement could be found (paraphrased):

“There is an unused boss called Heimler, who is likely the same character as Heimler in the remake, Shadow Dragon”.


For those unaware, Heimler is an optional Paladin sub-boss in Chapter 12: The Ageless Palace, appearing in a locked area in the south-eastern corner of the map.

Assuming this statement to be true, Heimler the insignificant and completely forgettable Dolhrian pawn from Shadow Dragon suddenly got a bit more exciting.

Now he’s cut content from Dark Dragon who was lovingly brought back for the remake, over a decade later. Doesn’t that make for an interesting piece of trivia to wow your friends?

FE1-Heimler-1 FE1-Heimler-2

As it turns out, the first part of the statement is completely wrong, as Heimler does actually appear as a boss in Dark Dragon. So sadly he was never “unused” and then “restored”, as exotic as that idea sounds.

You might be wondering how on earth this mistake came about and why nobody noticed for so long.

The confusion begins when working backwards, as Dark Dragon was remade a previous time, over a decade earlier, as Book 1 of Mystery of the Emblem.

FE3-Soldier-replacement-1 FE3-Soldier-replacement-2

However unlike Shadow Dragon, Book 1 was a bare-bones remake that even cut out some content from the original. Such as Heimler, replacing him with a generic Soldier in the same chapter.

At this point, my selective memory got the better of me and I mistakenly assumed that Heimler wasn’t in Dark Dragon either.

Later, when I browsed through the unit data for Dark Dragon, I notice Heimler and while I should’ve thought to myself “oh, he’s in the game after all”, my brain instead tells me “oh, he’s unused, but actually has data.”

Afterwards, well, you can probably count the number of fans who’ve played Dark Dragon and who read the Unused Contents page with one hand.

In any case, I’ve humbly amended the page, but there’s only so much I can do to reverse any possible damage. If you notice this piece of trivia floating around online, please correct it if you can!

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