Elieson Joining the Serenes Forest Team

In a few days I’ll be jetting off for a month-long vacation and, as much as I’d like to update the site during that time, it’s sadly not feasible for reasons that you can imagine.


However you won’t have to worry about the Serenes Forest front page looking like it’s frozen in time, as the ever-capable Elieson will be covering for me as the news editor!

I’m confident he’ll be able to fulfill your Fire Emblem news-related needs and, if fortune smiles, perhaps he’ll bring along some exciting and exclusive content during the next couple of weeks…

By the way, if you have any news tips to share, you’re more than welcome to e-mail them to…

Chroffner [AT] gmail [DOT] com

…with the subject title “Serenes Forest News”. Thanks in advance!

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