Fire Emblem Cipher Prepares to Release Season 2

With the still-new trading card game that is Fire Emblem Cipher nearing its release date for Season 2 (September 19), let’s take a moment to look again at what we at Serenes Forest have learned through recent research.



Like Season 1, Season 2 will include two Starter Decks; White Night and Black Night. Unique to these two are their theme, following a complete set of Fire Emblem Fates structured decks. There also exist the obligatory Booster Set, Soulful Flames of Light and Dark, which allow collectors and players alike to add up to 115 additional cards to their collection. Complete Season 2 information can be found here, while each specific pack and booster card list can be found by clicking the names above. English translations can be found on here, thanks to SF’s very own aubergine.


Within these cards lie some more collectible ones, featuring autographed siblings and a both male and female Kamui.


There also exist ten Promotional cards (identified on this page by the card code P02-###PR), featuring some characters you would not expect to see in the Fates-themed Season 2. In the Promotional Set, you’ll find mostly Fates characters, as well as an incredibly detailed Bantu, a classic throwback to Fire Emblem Path of Radiance’s Ike and an unexpected Panne in the wilderness.

20150709_P02-003_PR 20150709_P02-001_PR 20150625_P02-004_PR

If you happen to be visiting Japan in October, you may be able to get your hands on the Promotional Cards by joining a tourney. Check out the October schedule and locations here. Winners and participants may get their hands on a Season 2 Promotional Booster Pack.


If you prefer to protect your cards with style, new sleeves have been announced for release on October 30.


With future news to look forward to, Series 3 is set to release on December 10! Characters from Path of Radiance and Invisible Kingdom will be joining the World of Cipher! The Path of Radiance series will be recognized through Starter Deck and Booster Packs under the name Twin Blades Towards Hope, while the Invisible Kingdom cards will be found via booster pack. Cipher illustrator Yusuke Kozaki gave us a sneak peek at the presence of a Ganz and Aqua card by showing us some of their concept art during their September 12 Cipher Livestream.


AquaSketchGanz Sketch

There’s a lot to look forward to, and you can count on the active members at Serenes Forest to keep up with the latest news as it gets released. For compiled information, be sure to check out Serenes Forests’ Fire Emblem Cipher Wiki, and monitor the FECipher Twitter and aubergine’s English direct-translation FECipherENG Twitter for the latest news as its released!

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