Fire Emblem 25th Anniversary Book Up for Pre-Order

Serenes Forests’ very own Kirokan (otherwise known as Kantopia) has fully translated the sale page for the upcoming release of The Making of Fire Emblem – 25th Anniversary Development Secrets, Awakening and Fates. This is up for pre-order now, but will be available for full sale, and pre-orders are anticipated to ship, on November 28, 2015.  


You can check out Kirokan’s translation here, but you should also check out dozens of other Fire Emblem related translations over at Kantopia’s web site.


The Making of Fire Emblem – 25th Anniversary Development Secrets, Awakening and Fates – Special Book

Release: November 28, 2015
Price: 3,888 Yen (~32 USD) [Import may add 10 USD on average]


-Filled with developers discussing the path the series has taken and its evolution
-Approx. 300,000 characters of interviews
-100+ never before seen development materials from the beginning
-The ultimate book for understanding Awakening, Fates [if], and 25 years of series history


Since the 1990 release of Dark Dragon and the Sword of Light, this year marks the monumental 25th anniversary of the Simulation RPG Fire Emblem.

This book mainly comprises of developer commentary from Nintendo and Intelligent Systems regarding development of the games, but has development documents and retrospectives on Awakening, Fates [if], and 25 years of Fire Emblem history as well in commemoration.



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    I want it, but sadly I can´t understand japanese.

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    Why must all of this stuff be released in Japan Only? 🙁