Vestaria Saga: Character Stats

After a short break, Shouzou Kaga posted another Vestaria Saga update to his blog, showcasing status screens of 24 characters encountered up to the halfway point of the game.


Note: All images belong to Shouzou Kaga.

Anyone who’s played a Fire Emblem game (which should be most of you) ought to find the stat-heavy screens at least vaguely familiar, despite the possible language barrier.

To begin with, the top-left panel features the unit’s portrait, name, class, Level, Experience and HP. In the example above, we have Zeid, the main character of the first game, who’s fittingly of the “Lord” class.

In the panel below, there’s the unit’s inventory along the left, followed by the weapon types that can be equipped in the corner. Right now, Zeid is packing a Lord Asral, Short Sword, Army Sword and Long Sword.

Slap bang in the middle are the unit stats, from left to right and going down: Strength, Magic, Skill, Speed, Luck, Weapon Level, Defence, Resistance and Movement. Below these are the unit’s skills.

Finally, towards the top of the right panel are the combat stats: Attack, Hit Rate, Critical Rate, Avoid, Range, Attack Speed. Below that is a list of possible support partners.

Now that we’re clear of the basics, let’s take a look at the other 23 characters, shall we?

According to Kaga, the order of the characters does not necessary reflect their joining time. In addition, around 30% of the characters have placeholder portraits (presumably the ones borrowed from TearRing Saga).

Note: Some of the translations–particularly for the more obscure names–might be slightly off.

Format: Name (Class), followed by inventory, supports and comments.

vestachar1_02 Nera (Nurse Feria)
Lavieen Rose
Remote-healing Staff

I have no idea what a “Nurse Feria” is, but a horse-back healer with a bow seems pretty cool.

 vestachar1_03 Maya (Eagle Rider)

Presumably “Eagle Rider” is Vestaria Saga’s version of the Pegasus Knight. That’s a lot of weapon types though.

vestachar1_04 Dune (Hunter)
Hunter Bow
Hand Bow

Not much to comment about here, but hopefully we can look forward to more amazing bow-users from Kaga.

vestachar1_05 Jan (Axe Fighter)
Woodcutter Axe
Magic Elixir
Battle Saw
Supports Ash

Maybe a lumberjack caught up in the war like Bord and Cord? That Strength looks nice.

vestachar1_06 Chaser (Thief)
Astral Knife

It appears Thieves are locked to Knives in this game. That Astral Knife sounds very fancy too.

vestachar1_07 Air (Eagle Rider)
Short Spear
Long Spear
Raijin Sword

Why does she have so many items? She’s very high Level as well. Favouritism or part of the story?

vestachar1_08 Haldir (Swordmaster)
Great Sword
Machina Sword
Army Sword
Short Sword

Getting strong Shanan vibes here. If he’s not a beastly unit, I’d be very surprised.

vestachar1_09 Akkord (Sphere Mage)

Is that a Dark Magic icon in the bottom-left corner? By the way, there hasn’t been a blonde mage girl since… ever.

vestachar1_10 Hoelun (Grass Runner)
Lavieen Rose
Healing Staff
Supports Siltin

“Grass Runner” was Czene’s promoted class in Berwick Saga. Here it seems like an unpromoted Nurse Feria.

vestachar1_11 Ainelia (Sword Dancer)
(No items)

An exceptional swordswoman or a Dancer who’s good at sword-fighting? Only time will tell. Those starting stats don’t loot too hot outside of Speed though.

vestachar1_12 Talys (Savant)
(No items)

Another class locked to Knives. Hmm, that’s a curious set of skills–there’s the same skill three times (or three similar skills).

vestachar2_01 Atolfis (Meleda Princess)
Healing Staff
Healing Staff
Healing Staff

Because one Healing Staff isn’t enough. I’d wager she’s Zeid’s love interest. Also, I just noticed she’s one letter away from being a (superior) Leda Princess.

vestachar2_02 Lydia (Sweet Bird)

I’m not sure what a “Sweet Bird” is, but I can find out for you… *Cue ripping and whipping noises in the distance* Er… let’s pretend that never happened.

vestachar2_03 Alicia (Sister)
Grace Staff
Supports Dune, Jan and Ash

Someone’s the popular lady. Reminds me of Lena and Safy, i.e. the early-game healer.

vestachar2_04 Ash (Axe Fighter)
Hand Axe
Supports Jan

Aha, so he and Jan must be the Bord and Cord of this game. How does Dune fit into the equation though?

vestachar2_05 Sheila (Hunter)
Lavieen Rose
Healing Ring
Supports Zayed 

Getting terrible flashbacks of Tania from Thracia 776. Her low Strength doesn’t fill me with confidence either, although a lot of characters seem to share that trait.

vestachar2_06 Zayed (Berserker)
Battle Axe
Morning Star

Somebody you probably don’t want to meet along the mountain way. Well, he supports Sheila so he can’t be a bad man.

vestachar2_07 Luvina (Eagle Rider)
Short Spear
Light Spear
Short Spear

Our third Eagle Rider. Hey, we could have an Eagle Rider Triangle Attack!

vestachar2_08 Lilia (Priest)
Healing Staff
Healing Staff
Remote-healing Staff

Another healer? Hopefully she has a clever twist like TearRing Saga’s singing Lyria.

vestachar2_09 Siltin (Ranger)
Homing Bow
Hunter Bow
Treasure Knife
Holy Bow Amsolim

Handsome? Check. Holy weapon? Check. On a horse? Check! Pretty sure this guy is strong or important or both.

vestachar2_10 Giscard (Maracan)
Master Bow
Master Sword

Scratch that, this guy looks pretty fearsome too. Actually, he looks a lot like Lionheart from TearRing Saga. Good thing Kaga is allowed to copy his own games (I think).

vestachar2_11 Elva (Spear Knight)

I’m suddenly reminded that we haven’t seen much of Zeid’s initial entourage; I don’t think Elva’s part of it, but who knows.

vestachar2_12 Caesar (Vesta Mage)
Supports Zeid

Ouch at his HP… Being a “Vesta” Mage in a game called “Vestaria Saga”, I’m sure he can’t be that terrible. Possibly the Merric (he even supports the main character)?

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