Genei Ibun Roku #FE’s Newest Mirage, and Cipher’s Newest Host

Today, a glimpse at the latest Famitsu release confirmed what many had been speculating as the newest GIR#FE Mirage to grace our presence; Navarre has hit the stage.


What we do know is that Yoshiro Tsurugi is the 7th Mirage Master and his Mirage is Navarre. You can see posters of Yoshiro in some of the trailers, particularly the ones that showcase Building 106.

Beyond this, with the sneak peaks being notoriously small and this one being no different, we will have to wait for translations to come up after Famitsu pushes its publication to the streets before we can learn anything else of importance.

What’s more, is that Fire Emblem Cipher’s newest host has joined Emma and Shade as a representative of the Invisible Kingdom (similar to how the other girls represent Hoshido and Nohr respectively).


She is the samurai, Yuzu. Her origins aren’t confirmed, as she may have been a character meant for the Nintendo games and just not included, or may be a character designed specifically for the Cipher series.11_01

She first appeared in the special column “Ema and Shade and Yuzu at the Cipher Frontlines”, and will be present in Series 3 of Fire Emblem Cipher.

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  • Brofist

    R.I.P Navarre
    May your soul rest in peace

    • Geoffrey Kappenberg

      Yeah, that’s right. Every character that appears in this game has been surgically removed from the main Fire Emblem series, forever tainted and never to be seen the same way again. Just like how Link now has to wear a scarf in every Zelda game after Hyrule Warriors. Because that’s how spin-offs work. Dirty, rotten third party developers.

      • Brofist

        You could just sum up to “never to be seen the same way again”.

        • Agumon_Ql_Sabio

          I think you are overreacting

          • Adrien Brown


  • Wanuska

    Still no Jugdrali character

    • Crocs

      I was under the impression there wouldn’t be any characters from games other than Archanea and Awakening. Even if there were, Jugdral would probably be the last choice.