Conclusion of Serenes Forest Scribbles Draws Near!

We’ve had a lot of fantastic submissions, and sadly some great ones didn’t make it to this round, but that’s the nature of a competition of this size. We’re planning something of a spotlight post-contest to give a handful of specific submissions some more attention, so keep a lookout for that!


You’ve got another five days to look through the submissions if you’d like, no need to be too hasty! Some of the submissions are rather large in size or length, or are linked off-site, so check those out if you missed them!

The winners of this poll will receive the prizes described in the main Scribbles thread in the Creative section seen here.

Place your votes by clicking here and voting within the thread poll!


Find all of the written submissions in the Writes section of the Scribbles forum.


Find all of the Misc submissions in the Miscellaneous section of the Scribbles forum.


Find all of the Draws submissions in the Draws section of the Scribbles forum.



– Users registered after February 5th, 2PM PST will have their votes removed from the final tally. While this might seem extreme, it’s the best way to prevent any antics from messing with the event results. If a submission were to win because a bunch of people signed up and spammed votes for it, there would always be suspicion among other participants. If you’re new, feel free to post in the submissions’ thread to show your support for the artists, writers and craftsmen regardless.

– In this round of voting, you’ll be able to vote for as many submissions as you would like, but you’re free to only vote for those you feel deserve the win most if that’s how you’d like to. Total freedom!

– Submission name changes will no longer be accepted.

– This voting phase will last until the 17th of February. Don’t feel obligated to vote right away, if you need more time to check out the submissions.

– No voting for yourself.


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