Cipher Winter Livestream: Series 4, 5 and 6 samples

On 13th February, the Fire Emblem Cipher team held their seventh Nicovideo live presentation to share news about upcoming expansions and other Cipher-related news.

This time, we're joined by Ike and Midori's voice actors.

Midori and Ike’s voice actors (middle) join the stage.

I was away at the time, so special thanks to Kirie and Hardin for providing all of the images and details in this article.

The event opened with news regarding the upcoming Series 4, which very roughly translates “Shimmering Illusions” and features cards from Mystery of the Emblem, Awakening and Genei Ibun Roku #FE.

Like the previous two expansions, those who purchase a Series 4 booster box will receive a pack of exclusive sleeves, from two possible designs.


On the left is the classic cover art from Mystery of the Emblem, while the image on the right should be familiar with most fans–it’s of course Awakening’s classy cover art.


Meanwhile, owners of the Series 4 “Mirage Chapter” starter deck will discover a sheet of Cipher stickers featuring popular characters from Series 1 to 4 that can be stuck onto deck boxes etc.

Moving on, we’re given a glimpse of some cards from Series 4.

cipher-winter-5 cipher-winter-6

Marth, Lucina, Minerva and Lon’qu once again feature in Series 4, although Minerva is a dismounted knight this time.

cipher-winter-7 cipher-winter-8
cipher-winter-9 cipher-winter-10

Afterwards we’re greeted by many new faces: Hardin, Roshea, Wolf, Yubello, Yumina, female Morgan, Cynthia, Say’ri and Basilio.

cipher-winter-17 cipher-winter-22

Later on, we’re also shown a new Merric card and artwork of Michalis.

With no time to lose, the hosts tease some of the completed artwork from Series 5, which features characters from Binding Blade and Radiant Dawn.


The artworks of Roy and Micaiah ought to be familiar with keen Cipher fans. By the way, these artworks were drawn by Koutarou Yamada and Senri Kita, the artists of the Hasha no Tsurugi manga and Radiant Dawn.

cipher-winter-13 cipher-winter-14
cipher-winter-15 cipher-winter-16

Plus some previously unseen artworks of Rutger, Clarine, Sothe and Sanaki.

Naturally, to keep with the trend of revealing details 3 expansions away, the hosts eagerly reveal Series 6.

cipher-winter-18 cipher-winter-19

This elusive series boasts characters from Fire Emblem Fates Revelation and fan-favourite Genealogy of the Holy War.

cipher-winter-20 cipher-winter-21

As usual, few details were announced, but the hosts did show off in-progress artworks of Adean and Lewyn from Genealogy of the Holy War.


Plus this amazing artwork of Sigurd toasting Xander. Well, they are two of the best mounted nobles!

To finish off, the Series 4 Pre-release Livestream will be held on 12th March. Expect a lot of booster pack unwrapping and other shenanigans!

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