Fire Emblem: Fates Videos and More

No doubt most of you in North America are likely already busy playing Fates yourselves, but if you’re not located in North America, can’t afford to buy the game yet, or simply just enjoy watching the game, this bit of news is for you. We were recently approached by AbdallahSmash026, a popular YouTuber, about his coverage of Fates. As a result, we now have a section of the site dedicated to videos relating to Fire Emblem games. This can be found under the shiny new Videos link on the left. Abdallah has footage of all the routes in Fire Emblem: Fates and has been uploading that footage since release, but not every chapter is up yet; however, the playlists we’ve embedded are actively being updated as these uploads happen.


If you are also interested in having your gameplay footage embedded on the site, we ask that you please wait a little while. This new section is experimental and the details for how it is going to work exactly are still being worked out. In the meantime, you can check out Abdallah’s Fates footage here.

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  • Kujja

    Yeah , i have been following Abdallah because of Fates he is playing on normal classic so not a big challenge but still fun to watch he is a good guy so i advise you to lose some time watching some of his videos , he got Conquest Chapter 6 and Revelation Chapter 6 and his Birthright is 13 or 14 😉

    • Jose

      Don’t forget that he also does Yokai Watch and I enjoy that. If he wants a real challenge, Hard/Classic is the way to go.

    • FrozenRose

      How can you have fun watching his vids? Like, he’s a really cool guy and all, but he grinded so hard that his characters overpower everything and yet he somehow still plays really bad. Like he’ll be afraid to send his guy against an opponent when he one rounds them and they have like a 30% chance of doing 4 damage. Then he’ll get all upset when he kills an enemy and only gets 1 Exp (like what do you expect after all that grinding).

      Again, he seems real cool, but he does a bunch of little things that irritate me. He takes way too long on his turns (when he can literally bum rush everything), he says “essentially” way too much, he constantly compares himself to Silas (who he honestly looks nothing like; and the joke is just overplayed now), he feels himself way too hard over crappy strats (like it’s totally an accomplishment that he was able to beat a certain character during a certain chapter; of course you can when your characters are crazy OP, lol), and I can see how some people enjoy it but I dislike him reading every line of dialogue.

      I do feel like a total hater here, especially when I did enjoy watching the first video that I saw from him (I think it was Paralogue 1), but the more I watched, the more I disliked. I definitely wish him the best and he’s obviously doing things right if he’s got fans (fans who love to spoil crap in the YouTube comments), but it’s just not for me.

      Also, he’s at Birthright Ch.17, although it was probably 16 when you posted your comment.

      But yea, tldr; I’d probably still enjoy watching him if he didn’t grind his characters to super OP levels (or at least not act like he has to worry about his characters getting killed when they’re so OP) and if he didn’t say “essentially” all the time, like literally all the time, lol. Definitely not a bad dude and someone worth supporting.

      Edit: Check out this moment from Birthright Ch. 15
      He has a 100% hit rate and will OHKO the enemy, but because the enemy has a 51% chance of dealing 17 damage (less than half his own character’s health), he is afraid of it and performs a bunch of unnecessary actions instead.
      Just one example of why I find him frustrating to watch, lol.

      • Kujja

        everything fate related is fun as long as you are bored as i am xD
        Btw Frozenrose try Omegaevolution in youtube from what i read you might like him 😛

      • GamingBrosX714

        I known Abdallah for 3-4 Years, he used to be a very nice guy, he always talked to people,did live streams of Mario Kart 7,Luigis Mansion and Animal Crossing every weekend and even offered his Skype, he did a Fire Emblem Awakening play through and really seemed to enjoy it, his reactions seemed genuine, now he’s become more and more and more greedier with money, he never really talks to anyone on Skype, we all used to have a Skype group chat with many other people, it became extremely fun, I met so many great people (like MegamanNG which also posted a reply) his reactions are very forced and doesn’t even finish Lets plays at all, back then he lets played them through the end, now all he does is play games for a little bit and quits, you can argue that Yo-Kai Watch is still strong and standing but the reason is, is because how many views he gets, compared to other lets play, Yo-Kai watch has many views and likes, Abdallah only cares from getting a profit out of all of this, he grinds has much has possible and a PRIME example is Fire emblem Fates and Fantasy Life, he’s gotten to the point where its boring, He complains about very stupid reason like getting 1 EXP(Frozen Rose’s comment also explains more of this) Abdallah has changed from being someone nice, to a Greedy rude person, I have a friend who helper Abdallah with apotheosis, and its true everything he said, he told me the units he was going to use before Abdallah posted the videos, and he was right, Abdallah never credited him, he helped him so much its very sad he never even once got mentioned, Abdallah ALSO calls himself the “King” of every game, like even his twitter says “Pax-South King” which is very stupid when there are clear better people than him, he makes very stupid plans and always thinks that Blitzing through everything is a “GOOD” strategy, there are many other youtubers who can do a much better job than him. OmegaEvolution,MegamanNG are people I say can far surpass is quality!

      • Tony

        Abdallah is an interesting guy to say the least. He’s a nice guy for the most part, but like GamingBrosX714 has said, he has recently changed to the mindset of most other big youtubers. If a series isn’t getting the views he wants, he’ll cancel it. That aside, he is known for completely grinding the difficulty out of any rpg he plays. Awakening was included in this. He justified his grinding by it being in preparation for Apotheosis…

        This is no different in Fates. I can guarantee when he starts his Conquest playthrough, he’ll grind the heck out of the DLC there to breeze through that game as well. I personally don’t think it’s much fun to watch a playthrough where someone just steamrolls through everything with no strategy. People would argue against this (himself included), but it’s hard to see why you need much of a strategy after the amount of grinding he does+normal mode.

        Don’t get me wrong, he’s still a nice guy, it’s just I wish he at least chose a higher difficulty to compensate if he were to grind this much, but to each their own I guess.

  • Jose

    I support Abdallah but I wonder if this means you’ll include other YouTubers as well… like me, MegamanNG. I am also doing Fire Emblem: Fates but it’s more of a non-commentated kind of game.

    Oh and Abdallah’s videos are that good. He delivers especially on the commentary side.

    • Jyosua

      The answer is that yes, eventually we will have a way for people to submit their stuff and we’ll include it on the site. We’re figuring out how that’s going to work still.

      • Jose

        I know you guys will figure it out. I’ll wait as long as it takes because I want to contribute for the good of all things Fire Emblem… that and since Chrom and Lucina are in Project X Zone 2, I want to add that in too.

  • Olivia Webb

    I support Abdallah in both his Fire Emblem Fate’s video and Yo-Kai Watch video

  • pratthanavic1

    Yay fire emblem fates birthright ☺☺☺☺☺