Fire Emblem Fates Official Soundtrack

Good news for Fates and music fans! On 27th April 2016, Nintendo will be releasing the Fire Emblem if (Fates) Original Soundtrack in Japan in partnership with Tablier Communications inc.


(All images credits to Famitsu)

Like the official Awakening soundtrack that came before it, Fates’s soundtrack comes in a beast of a package. For starters, it contains all 134 tracks from the game across 7 CDs and includes a bonus, bumper-packed DVD.

Similarly, Yusuke Kozaki–the artist of Awakening and Fates–again provides the glorious cover illustration, this time depicting Azura’s iconic performance at the Opera House.

The goodies don’t end there: First-print copies of the soundtrack will be bundled with a pair of those increasingly popular can badges featuring male and female Corrin.

Product Details

Title Fire Emblem if Original Soundtrack
Release Date 27th April 2016
Price 6,800 Yen (approx. 60 USD or 42 GBP)
Serial No. TSZM-0049〜56
JAN Code 4531894663034
Label Symphony No.5
Producer Tablier Communications inc.
Distributor Tablier Communications inc.


Audio CDs

Disk 1: 13 songs
Disk 2: 21 songs
Disk 3: 21 songs
Disk 4: 24 songs
Disk 5: 19 songs
Disk 6: 17 songs
Disk 7: 19 songs
Total: 134 planned

Data DVD
In-game movies (HD)
-Opening Movie (Birthright, Conquest, Revelation)
-Character Movies (Hoshidan and Nohrian siblings)
-Azura’s songs (Light Song, Dark Song)
DLC and Amiibo songs
Visiting My Castle version songs
Vocal and instrumental versions


Luxurious 4-side digipak designed by Yusuke Kozaki
14 hour long soundtrack; the biggest soundtrack in gaming history
Full collection of Azura/Renka’s songs
Full collection of DLC and Amiibo songs
Live harp and violin performance by Sakura and Elise as told in the game
HD versions of the Hoshidan and Nohrian sibling introduction movies
HD versions of Azura’s “Light Song” and “Dark Song” movies
HD versions of the 3 opening movies
Full colour 24-page booklet containing development secrets from the composers
Fully endorsed by Intelligent Systems


12 cm CD x 7 + Data DVD x 1
4-sided digipak + double jewel case + 24-page booklet
First-print bonus: Exclusive pair of holographic can badges


Track List

Note: Songs denoted with an asterisk (*) do not have an official translation.

Disk 1 (Track list)
01. Lakeside Song
02. Hanging Balance *
03. Future You Choose *
04. Endless Nightmare
05. Woleb Tsap
06. Quiet Burn
07. Quiet Burn (Roar)
08. Watery Music Box
09. Dusk Falls
10. Dusk Falls (Fire)
11. Far Dawn
12. Far Dawn (Storm)
13. Grief

Disk 2 (Track list)
01. Past Light
02. Past Light (Storm)
03. Pale Star
04. Misery in Hand
05. Paradise (Light)
06. Shine in the Light
07. Resolve (Light)
08. Justice RIP
09. Justice RIP (Storm)
10. Lingering Clouds
11. Rage in the Light
12. Homesick (Light)
13. Implore the Dawn
14. Light Song
15. Guest of Light
16. Alight
17. Alight (Storm)
18. Rush (Light)
19. You of the Light
20. End of All (Sky)
21. A Mother’s Wish

Disk 3 (Track list)
01. Dark Wastes
02. Dark Wastes (Fire)
03. Dim Moonlight
04. Condemnation
05. Paradise (Dark)
06. Dance in the Dark
07. Resolve (Dark)
08. No Justice
09. No Justice (Fire)
10. Raging Dark Winds
11. Squirm in the Dark
12. Homesick (Dark)
13. Pray to the Dark
14. Dark Song
15. Guest of Shade
16. A Dark Fall
17. A Dark Fall (Fire)
18. Rush (Dark)
19. You of the Dark
20. End of All (Land)
21. A Brother’s Vow

Disk 4 (Track list)
01. Road Taken
02. Road Taken (Roar)
03. Abundant Solace
04. Petals in the Wind
05. What Can You Do?
06. The Path to You
07. Sound of Hammers
08. Curious Dining
09. No Cure For…
10. Unfamiliar Streets
11. Pleasure Capital
12. Valiant Illusion
13. Humming/Treasures
14. “Open for Business!”
15. Light on a Window
16. Are You Listening?
17. Left to Heaven
18. A Lady’s Mirror
19. Rest & Indulgence
20. Reminiscence
21. Rejoice in Love
22. To a Foreign Land
23. Conquest (Fates version)
24. Conquest (Ablaze) (Fates version)

Disk 5 (Track list)
01. Knowledge
02. Knowledge (Roar)
03. The Wistful Wilds
04. How Can That Be?
05. Spreading Shadow
06. Vanity Judge
07. Vanity Judge (Roar)
08. Time of Retribution
09. Wild Outlaw
10. The Dim Abyss
11. Prelude to Dispute
12. Advance Confusion
13. Separation
14. As All Stars Fall
15. Prelude to Disaster
16. Lament
17. Thorn in You
18. Thorn in You (Roar)
19. Warmth Is Gone

Disk 6 (Track list)
01. Past Below
02. Past Below (Flow)
03. Flickering Illusion
04. Puppet’s Feast
05. Oblivescence
06. The Water Maiden
07. Those Who Visit
08. Premonition
09. True Form of Evil
10. Land Below
11. Land Below (Flow)
12. Vacant Cradle
13. Destiny by Blood
14. In the Stars
15. The Truth-Teller
16. Return to Elegance
17. Woleb Tsap (Flow)

Disk 7 (Track list)
01. Far Away
02. Far Away (Deeds)
03. Obsidian Ruler
04. Lost King’s Supper
05. New Power
06. Glory/Ruin
07. Glory/Ruin (Deeds)
08. Coming Demise
09. Fantastical Feast
10. Egdelwonk
11. Destiny, Help Us
12. End of All (Below)
13. Ember of Hope
14. Brethren United
15. Final Elites *
16. Lost in Thoughts All Alone
17. Bubbles *
18. Flowing Waters *

Data DVD
e1-01. New Heights *
e1-02. Path of the Hero-King *
e1-03. The Devoted (Fates version)
e1-04. Rival (Fates version)
e1-05. Id (Hope) (Fates version)
e2-01. Contest of Pride *
e2-02. Contest of Pride (Roar) *
e2-03. Contest of Pride (Blast) *
e3-01. “Oh, it’s not so bad, Lissa. Just a healthy little walk!” (Fates version)
e3-02. Prelude (Fates version)
e3-03. Prelude (Ablaze) (Fates version)
e3-04. “It appears the capital was spared the chaos.” (Fates version)
e3-05. Id (Serenity) (Fates version)
e4-01. “Negotiation’s not my strong suit…” (Fates version)
e4-02. “Let’s see what I’m capable of now.” (Fates version)
e4-03. Desire Below *
e4-04. Desire Below (Flow) *
e4-05. “Dry your tears, love. This is not good-bye.” (Fates version)
e5-01. Bearer of Hope (Fates version)
e5-02. Duty (Fates version)
e5-03. Duty (Ablaze) (Fates version)
e6-01. Land of Rest and Abundance (Festival) *
e7-01. Puzzling Empty Dream *
e7-02. Premonition (Receive) *
e7-03. The End of the Road Should be Here *
e7-04. Lost in Thoughts All Alone (Remembrance)
b-01. ENISHI (For Sakura and Elise) *

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  • Chris Offner

    Character Movies.


    • Aveyn Knight

      Boingy bits in HD!

      • CJ47

        I can neither confirm nor deny my anticipation for this.

  • Lucian Crowe

    Is this just the Japanese soundtrack or will it have the English tracks as well? (Ex: Azura’s Song with English Lyrics)

    • Jyosua

      Uh, as with any Japanese soundtrack, it’s just the Japanese tracks.

      • Lucian Crowe

        Oh ok thanks I’m hoping for a US one soon.

        • Jyosua

          To be honest, I wouldn’t hold your breath. Games rarely release soundtracks in the west.

          • Lucian Crowe

            Alright thanks maybe I will pick this up then I love the soundtrack regardless.

  • Andres Marquez

    Wish I could buy this!

    • Aveyn Knight

      You can probably import it, but it’ll leave a 6800 Yen + shipping hole in your wallet!

  • phoenixmiko

    Where can we preorder this from?

    • Jyosua

      I don’t think it’s up for preorder anywhere quite yet. I didn’t see it on my usual locations for importing. I didn’t check Amazon JP, but you probably can’t import it from there without a mail proxy.

      • Jatzanael Campos

        you can get it from without the air thing. now as long as it says sold and shipped from amazon they will ship internationally

    • thestormtrooperguy

      CD Japan! They are amazing!

    • Jatzanael Campos way better than cd japan. you pay less in total

  • kiu

    Oh no, I can already feel the pain in my bank account… But I HAVE to get this!

  • Hayden

    I need this. Also, is there any new on the Live Orchestral DVD? When will that be out?

    • Aveyn Knight

      It should have released on 24th February, assuming there were no delays.

      CDJapan has it in stock:

      • Noa

        It is out! I got my copy a couple of weeks ago 🙂

  • Ayanami

    Elise and Sakura playing the harp outta be good to play when going to sleep. Better make plans for
    this abysmal stock especially since you cannot buy imports from

    • Seiken

      You actually can buy DVDs, CDs, and Books from if you’re an international customer. Just not really anything else. They only have express shipping though, but considering it usually starts at CD Japan’s SAL prices… Regardless, their listing still hasn’t started accepting preorders yet.

  • phoenixmiko

    You can preorder the Fates OST from CDJapan here:

    • thestormtrooperguy

      I got mine on the day of release, I live in Australia! I definitely highly recommend them

  • Jonathan Wu

    If I hadn’t just blown $200 replacing my stolen 3DS (with a 2DS) and buying Fates (and rebuying Awakening), I’d jump on this. =w=

  • Jatzanael Campos

    I pre ordered this on amazon but im debating on whether I should wait to see if it gets an English release because it will have the Japanese singers and while I do like them I do prefer the dub singer what do you think?

    • thestormtrooperguy

      If you can afford it, get both. FEA soundtrack sold out super quick and was on eBay for $300+ before they re-released it, so don’t take any chances. If the English one does come out, then perhaps sell it. I’ll probably get both, I reckon they’ll do an English one.

      • Jatzanael Campos

        true true

  • thestormtrooperguy

    I love this so much! It contains 134 songs from the first 7 discs, then another 100+ as well as movie file son the data disc. Perfect for a collector and huge fan of the series!

  • Steve The Wizard

    I think the track list is actually incorrect. I have the soundtack here and there are 19 tracks on the 7th disc. The last track on the booklet says it is the ENISHI track. Just wanted to point that out.

    • SobriK

      I noticed that too (came here for the English translations of the track names)

      Not bad considering this page was right for 133 of the other tracks, it’s just missing 1 track on the 7th disc 🙂

      • Steve The Wizard

        It isn’t missing, it is just misplaced. However this post is missing about 100 songs on the bonus DVD in the instrumental and Ver.AC folders.

        • SobriK

          That is true. I am frankly in awe of how much damn music is in this set!

  • HeroKingMarMar

    Is there a list of the composers in English? I’m not sure if Google Translate is very accurate.

  • dude

    I have bought this set and on the DVD there are 2 versions of the cutscene with Sakura and 2 of the one with Elise, but I can not find anything different between the 2. Am I missing Something?

    • Eibai

      The Onee-san/Onii-san depending of the Avatar’s gender is the only difference i can hear.

  • Jatzanael Campos

    just lo let you all know there is way more songs than what’s listed here. for example on the dvd there’s at least 100+ songs there

  • King9999

    Disc 7 has 19 tracks. What’s the title of the 19th track?

    • Meesh

      It’s Enishi, the Sakura and Elise duet.